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Be Wise About Your Wisdom Teeth in Cary, North Carolina

By October 19, 2018No Comments

Be Wise About Your Wisdom Teeth, Raleigh Wisdom Teeth in Cary

At Cary Family Dental, we provide our patients in Cary with high-quality dental care. Whether you need porcelain veneers to enhance your smile or sleep apnea treatment to help you sleep at night, we are always there to offer a helping hand.  Today, we will be discussing the often misunderstood subject of wisdom teeth in Cary.

Preventing an Eruption

Wisdom teeth in Cary are sometimes called the third molars because they are even farther back in the mouth than the two sets of regular molars we all have. These four teeth usually erupt when a person is between the age of sixteen and nineteen. The eruption of your wisdom teeth can sometimes be a painful process that includes the shifting of your teeth. If you’ve already corrected your smile with braces, then wisdom teeth could push your teeth out of place again. Many dentists recommend that wisdom teeth be removed before this happens to prevent misplacement of the teeth in your mouth.

If a wisdom tooth doesn’t fully erupt, it may cause an opening in the gums that can attract bacteria and become infected over time. Some wisdom teeth are so misplaced that they can actually cause problems with the jaw bone. Both of these conditions can result in severe pain, so it’s best to avoid this situation altogether.

If you’re nervous about the procedure or worried about any pain during the treatment, then feel free to ask us about sedation dentistry. We use IV Sedation to help patients relax during their visit. Many of our patients will opt in for IV sedation during their wisdom teeth extractions because it helps them stay calm and makes the procedure seem faster.

Schedule an Appointment for a Tooth Extraction

If you are in the Raleigh area and are wondering if your wisdom teeth need to be removed, call us today at 919-371-4428 to schedule an appointment. We can assess the situation and placement of your wisdom teeth in Cary to help you decide what the best treatment option would be. Our practice also offers treatments such as dental implants, sedation dentistry, and teeth whitening.

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