Next Day Custom Made Dentures With Your Cary Dentist

We offer next-day dentures to patients in Cary and the surrounding area. On select days of the month we bring in experienced dental lab technicians to work with our doctors to create custom, quality dentures that you can leave with the very next day. To learn more about this exciting new opportunity and to find out when the next day denture day will be, please call 919-371-4428.

Traditional dentures have the ability to give you a beautiful – maybe even perfect – smile to give you the confidence you need to smile at the great years ahead of you. Dentures have come a long way and you may just be amazed at how natural and durable your new teeth can be.

How Dentures Work

Every patient’s needs are different, and for that reason, we ask you to come in for a complementary consultation to discuss your specific needs with the doctor. At this initial visit, if you decide to move forward with treatment, we will take some impressions to get started. Then you would come back for the “Next Day Denture Event” where experienced lab technicians will be here to create your custom, quality dentures. At this visit you will have two appointments. One, for a wax try in, then a few hours later, a final fitting for any adjustments. These appointments are approximately 30 minutes each and about 2 hours apart. Finally, you will come in the very next day for any extractions and the delivery of your new beautiful smile! Please call our office to schedule your complementary consultation today.

Implant Supported Dentures

Many oral health solutions have the ability to give you the new healthy smile you deserve. We not only specialize in traditional, custom dentures but also implant-supported dentures as well.

At Cary Family Dental in Cary near Morrisville and Apex, NC, we offer implant supported dentures. The all on 4 implant denture process involves permanently attaching your dentures to four strategically placed dental implants. The procedures offers tremendous benefits, greatly improving your oral health while improving your quality of life.

This important advancement in modern dental technology involves affixing your dentures to four dental implants that replace the original root of your tooth. Dr. Acton has a multitude of satisfied patients who have opted for the same day dentures procedure.

The benefits involved have simplified their daily living and made the usual complications with traditional dentures non-existent. One of the most amazing benefits of the same day dentures treatment is that the whole procedure can be completed in one day.

Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

Permanence | A troublesome concern with traditional dentures is that they can often shift or fall out, causing you unnecessary embarrassment. Implant-supported dentures are permanently attached to your jawbone with dental implants, and you never need to worry about shifting again.
Eat What You Like | A traditional denture can prevent you from eating a variety of different foods but with implant-supported dentures you can eat whatever you like!
Convenience | Your oral hygiene is simplified with implant-supported dentures. There is no need to remove the denture for cleaning and you can care for them just as you would care for your natural teeth.
Aesthetics | Your implant-supported dentures will not only improve your oral health, but will also give you a beautiful, natural looking new smile.

Schedule a Custom or Implant Denture Consultation in Cary Today!

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