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Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening for a Brighter Smile

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A Movie Star Smile

A gorgeous white smile can give you the confidence you need to face almost any situation. If your teeth have become stained or yellowed over the years from either coffee, cigarettes, or eating certain foods, professional tooth bleaching can revitalize your look and give you a stunning, white smile that’s sure to make others envious. Dr. Allan Acton, cosmetic dentist at Cary Family Dental just northeast of Apex, NC, offers the safest and most advanced procedures that whiten teeth more efficiently than any over-the-counter products you may have tried in the past.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure used to lift stains from your teeth. Tooth bleaching techniques like KöR and Opalescence will give you a healthy and beautiful white smile. At Cary Family Dental, near Morrisville, we have carefully chosen to use these in-office products in order to give our patients the highest quality whitening experience.

In fact, KöR is an especially convenient solution for those who may normally experience increased sensitivity from tooth bleaching. KöR gives you the impressive results you want without the discomfort and inconvenience of many other tooth bleaching systems.

Whitening Options

Opal Go | $75

Opal Go is a great option for patients who are always on the go! These fast acting whitening trays only need to be worn for 15 minutes and require no additional time in our office. The Opal Go pack includes 10 pre-loaded trays and is a great option for first time whitening patients.

Take Home Trays | $250

Professional teeth whitening trays are a great way to enhance your at-home whitening process. We will take impressions and create trays that fit specific to your smile. Then we’ll send you home with 8 syringes of whitening gel that not only whiten, but strengthen your enamel. You choose the level of concentration that you want your gel to be based on your treatment flexibility and whitening timeline.

Opalescence Boost| $450

The Opalescence Boost treatment is done in one 90 minute visit and is guaranteed to whiten your teeth at least 2 shades brighter! We apply a bleach solution and then send you home with Opal Go trays to complete the rest.

Kor Whitening | $1,400

This is our favorite whitening service, because it gives the best results! This is great for patients that have tried whitening before and have received little to no results. This is a stronger, more efficient, highly effective procedure over the course of three office visits.

  • Appointment 1: Our initial 60 minute appointment is where we will take your impressions so our lab can create custom fit whitening trays.
  • Appointment 2: In less than a week, we’ll bring you back for another 60 minute appointment to show you how to use your tray, apply desensitizer, and take pictures.
  • Appointment 3: After 2 weeks of at home whitening, you’ll come back for a 2-hour appointment where we will complete three 20 minute sessions of in-office whitening. After this you’ll have a bright, beautiful smile!

For Optimal Results


KöR: We love KöR for its fantastic results! Many patients have tried whitening before, with little to no noticeable improvement. Our professional systems actually provide a stronger, more efficient, whitening formula, guaranteed to change all that. It has even been successful at removing tetracycline staining, a condition some people are born with. No other whitening process has been able to achieve this. KOR whitening takes three appointments.


  • Appointment 1: 60 mins impressions are taken and sent off to the lab to be fabricated. This is typically a 5-day return. Schedule 2 weeks out.
  • Appointment 2: 1 hour to show you how to use your tray, apply desensitizer, and take pictures. You’ll then whiten at home for 2 weeks (14 days).
  • Appointment 3: 2-hour appointment to do three 20 minute sessions of whitening in-office, as well as some before and after pictures. You have to experience it to believe it!

One of the KöR system’s greatest benefits is that the process can be started conveniently in your own home. After receiving your custom teeth whitening trays from Cary Family Dental, you can begin the at home phase. You simply wear the teeth whitening trays at night while you sleep, and then follow up with Dr. Acton for the final whitening phase, which requires only one office visit.

Benefits of Kör in Office


    • Perfect for sensitive teeth, and extremely safe
    • Whiten teeth at home for extra convenience
    • Custom trays create the most comfortable teeth whitening experience
    • Less irritation than most other tooth bleaching procedures available, with no preservative chemicals
    • Maintenance pack for you to take home, ensuring that your beautiful new smile stays white

Teeth Whitening Options Available

Opalescence Go

This is another take-home option which we are excited to provide. It includes 10 pre-loaded trays that fit your upper and lower arches.

Unlike KöR, these take-home treatments only need to be applied for 15 mins. They also do not require personalized impressions. For those for whom free time is a rare commodity, Opalescence Go is an easy, quick, and convenient choice, for only $75.00!

Take Home Custom Trays:

These provide something of an in-between for KöR and Opalescence Go, combining the convenience of one with the customization of the other.

We take impressions for you, which we get back in two weeks or less. These impressions create custom trays made for your upper and lower arches, and which are specific to your smile.

This custom treatment also comes in four different concentrations for treatment flexibility, all depending on your lifestyle and needs. This includes 8 syringes of whitening gel. This gel not only whitens but has a PF formula that strengthens your enamel.

Some people may experience tooth or gum sensitivity, so for that reason, we recommend starting at the lowest percentage of gel and gradually move to the stronger ones if you desire. Get Your personal, reusable, custom trays for only $250.00!

We also provide whitening gel refills at our office $52.00 per syringe.

Opalescence 10% gel wear 8-10 hours or overnightOpalescence 15% gel wear 4-6 hoursOpalescence 20% gel wear 2-4 hoursOpalescence 35% gel wear 30 minutes

Financial Options

We accept Care CreditThe Lending Club and Paypal Bill Me Later. We also accept pre-payment for procedures. We honor a 5% courtesy when paid in full by check, and 3% with debit or credit card.

If you live or work near Cary, Morrisville, or Apex NC, contact us today at Cary Family Dental to find out more about our tooth whitening procedures and how they can give you a gorgeous white smile! We offer complimentary consultations to discuss the types of whitening processes and to find the one that is right for you.

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