Teeth Whitening

Whiten Teeth for a Beautiful Smile in Cary near Morrisville, North Carolina

A gorgeous white smile can give you the confidence you need to face almost any situation. If your teeth have become stained or yellowed over the years from either coffee, cigarettes, or eating certain foods, professional tooth bleaching can revitalize your look and give you a stunning, white smile that’s sure to make others envious. Dr. Allan Acton, cosmetic dentist at Cary Family Dental just northeast of Apex, NC, offer the safest and most advanced procedures that whiten teeth more efficiently than any over-the-counter products you may have tried in the past.

What is Teeth Whitening?

A cosmetic dental procedure used to lift stains from your teeth, tooth bleaching techniques like KöR will give you a healthy and beautiful white smile. At Cary Family Dental near Morrisville, we have carefully chosen to use KöR in-office to whiten teeth for our patients. KöR is a convenient solution for those who may normally experience increased sensitivity from tooth bleaching. KöR gives you the impressive results you want without the discomfort and inconvenience of other tooth bleaching systems.

How Does KöR in Office Work?

One of the KöR system’s greatest benefits is that the process can be started conveniently in your own home. After receiving your custom teeth whitening trays from Cary Family Dental, you can begin the at home phase. You simply wear the teeth whitening trays at night while you sleep for two weeks, and then follow up with Dr. Acton for the final phase to whiten your teeth, which requires only one office visit.
tooth whitening to whiten teeth with a Cary dentist Apex NC

Benefits of KöR in Office

  • Perfect for sensitive teeth, and extremely safe
  • Whiten teeth at home for extra convenience
  • Custom trays create the most comfortable teeth whitening experience
  • Less irritation than most other tooth bleaching procedures available, with no preservative chemicals
  • Maintenance pack for you to take home, ensuring that your beautiful new smile stays white

If you live or work near Cary, Morrisville or Apex NC, contact us today at Cary Family Dental to find out more about the KöR in office tooth whitening procedure and how it can give you a gorgeous white smile!