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Smile Makeovers in Cary, NC

Discover The Life-Changing Benefits of a Smile Makeover

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What is a Smile Makeover?

Smile makeovers have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people recognize the impact that a beautiful smile can have on their overall appearance and self-confidence. At Cary Family Dental, we understand the transformative power of a smile makeover, and our team of expert dentists is dedicated to helping our patients achieve their dream smiles. With Dr. Allan Acton, Dr. Eric Davis, Dr. Kristen Madden, and Bryant Wooten at the helm, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional results. Our dentists are not only highly skilled in cosmetic dentistry but also continuously update their skills through advanced training from prestigious institutions such as the Hornbrook Group and the Kois Institute.

A smile makeover involves a comprehensive approach to improving smiles by addressing various dental concerns such as color improvement, shape enhancement, and position adjustment. It goes beyond simply fixing individual dental issues; it aims to create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing smile that enhances facial features and boosts self-confidence. A smile makeover can truly be life-changing, as it has the potential to transform not only your appearance but also your outlook on life.

Smiling woman in Cary, NC received a Smile Makeover at Cary Family Dental
Smiling woman's face pointing to her straight white smile

Benefits of A Smile Makeover

The benefits of smile makeovers are truly life-changing. By improving the appearance of your smile, you can experience a boost in self-confidence and overall happiness. Whether it’s through color improvement, shape enhancement, or position adjustment, smile makeovers have the power to transform not only your teeth but also your entire outlook on life.

One of the key benefits of smile makeovers is the enhanced self-esteem they provide. When you’re proud of your smile, you feel more confident in social situations and are more likely to engage with others. This newfound confidence can open doors in both personal and professional settings, allowing you to present yourself with poise and assurance.

In addition to boosting self-esteem, smile makeovers can also improve oral health. By addressing issues such as misaligned teeth or bite problems, these procedures can contribute to better overall dental hygiene. Straighter teeth are easier to clean and maintain, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. With a healthy smile comes improved oral function, making it easier to eat, speak, and enjoy everyday activities.

Furthermore, smile makeovers can have a positive impact on mental health. Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins and lowers stress levels. When you’re proud of your smile, you’re more inclined to show it off, leading to increased opportunities for laughter and joy. A beautiful smile can brighten not only your own day but also those around you.

Shape Enhancement

One important aspect of a smile makeover is shape enhancement. Irregularly shaped or uneven teeth can detract from an otherwise beautiful smile. By using techniques such as dental bonding or porcelain crowns, our dentists can reshape your teeth to create a more symmetrical and balanced appearance.

Dental bonding is another versatile cosmetic procedure that can address various aesthetic concerns, including tooth shape. It involves applying a tooth-colored resin material to the teeth and sculpting it to achieve the desired shape. Bonding can be used to correct uneven or misshapen teeth, close small gaps between teeth, or even lengthen worn-down teeth.

Dental veneers are also effective in improving tooth shape. Veneers can be used to reshape teeth that are too small, too short, or have irregular contours. By placing custom-made veneers on the front surface of the teeth, dentists can create an ideal shape and size for each individual’s unique smile.

In cases where extensive reshaping is required or when there is significant damage to the tooth structure, dental crowns may be recommended. Dental crowns provide full coverage and support for weakened or misshapen teeth. They can help restore proper tooth proportions and enhance overall aesthetics.

Before photo of smile makeover dental bonding patient teeth
After photo of smile makeover dental bonding patient teeth

Color Improvement

One of the key components of a smile makeover is color improvement. Over time, teeth can become stained or discolored due to factors such as aging, smoking, or consuming certain foods and beverages. Through professional teeth whitening treatments or porcelain veneers, our dentists can help you achieve a brighter and whiter smile that looks natural and radiant.

There are different methods for teeth whitening, including in-office professional treatments and at-home whitening kits prescribed by dentists. Professional treatments offer faster and more effective results compared to over-the-counter products. The dentist will apply a bleaching agent directly to the teeth or use laser technology to activate the whitening process. This helps break down stains and lighten the tooth color.

In addition to teeth whitening, there are other cosmetic procedures available for color improvement during a smile makeover. Dental bonding is a technique where a tooth-colored resin material is applied to the surface of the teeth and then shaped and polished to match the surrounding teeth. This procedure can correct minor imperfections such as discoloration or small gaps between teeth.

Another option for enhancing tooth color is through veneers. Veneers are thin shells made from porcelain or composite resin that are bonded to the front surface of the teeth. Dental veneers can be customized in terms of shape, size, and shade to achieve desired results. Veneers not only improve tooth color but also address other aesthetic concerns like chipped or misaligned teeth.

For more severe cases where discoloration cannot be corrected with simple whitening or bonding, dental crowns may be recommended. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that cover the entire visible portion of a tooth. They can be made from various materials like porcelain, metal, or a combination of both. Crowns not only improve tooth color but also restore strength and functionality to damaged teeth.

Position Adjustment

Position adjustment is another crucial element of a smile makeover. Misaligned or crooked teeth not only affect the aesthetics of your smile but also impact your oral health. Our dentists can address these issues through orthodontic treatments like Invisalign or traditional braces. By straightening your teeth, we can improve your bite, enhance your facial profile, and create a more harmonious smile.

Orthodontic treatments involve the use of braces or clear aligners to gradually move the teeth into their proper positions over time. Braces consist of brackets bonded to the teeth and wires that apply gentle pressure to guide tooth movement. Clear aligners, like Invisalign, are a more discreet alternative to traditional braces. They are custom-made, removable trays that gradually shift the teeth into alignment.

Orthodontic treatments not only improve the appearance of the smile but also contribute to better oral health. Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, correcting misalignment issues can alleviate jaw pain and improve overall bite function.

Before and after photos of patient teeth who received Invisalign clear braces at Cary Family Dental

Scheduling A Cosmetic Consult

When considering a smile makeover, it is essential to schedule a cosmetic consult with our experienced dentists. During this consultation, our dentists will evaluate your oral health, discuss your goals and expectations, and recommend the most suitable treatment options for you. They will take into account factors such as the condition of your teeth, your facial features, and your lifestyle to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs.

To see some more before and after pictures performed by the dentists at Cary Family Dental, click here.

A dental patient and dentist reviewing a dental xray during an exam
Smiling dental staff and patient reviewing missing teeth replacement options

The Cosmetic Consult: What to Expect

The cosmetic consult is an essential step in the smile makeover process. This initial consultation allows you to discuss your goals and concerns with our dentists, ensuring that your treatment plan is tailored to meet your specific needs. During the consult, you can expect a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health and a discussion about the various options available to improve your smile.

One of the key aspects of a cosmetic consult is understanding the importance of communication. Dr. Allan Acton, Dr. Eric Davis, Dr. Kristen Madden, and Bryant Wooten are skilled in smile makeovers and have extensive experience in helping patients achieve their desired results. They will take the time to listen to your concerns and understand what you hope to achieve with your smile makeover.

During the consultation, you can expect a thorough examination of your teeth and gums. We will assess the overall health of your mouth and identify any underlying issues that need to be addressed before proceeding with cosmetic treatments. This may include evaluating the condition of your teeth, checking for signs of gum disease or decay, and assessing your bite alignment.

In addition to evaluating your oral health, the dental professionals may also take photographs or X-rays of your mouth. These diagnostic tools provide valuable information about the current state of your smile and can help guide treatment planning. By analyzing these images, they can identify areas that require color improvement, shape enhancement, or position adjustment.

Once a comprehensive evaluation has been completed, you will have an opportunity to discuss potential treatment options with the dental team. They will explain each procedure in detail, including its benefits, risks, and expected outcomes. You can ask questions about any aspect of the treatment process to ensure that you have a clear understanding before making any decisions.

During this discussion, it’s important to be open and honest about what you hope to achieve with your smile makeover. The more information you provide about your expectations and desires for your new smile, the better equipped the dental team will be to create a customized treatment plan that meets your needs.

In some cases, the dental professionals may use digital imaging technology to show you a preview of what your smile could look like after the makeover. This can help you visualize the potential results and make an informed decision about which treatments to pursue.

The Dentists at Cary Family Dental

At Cary Family Dental, we are proud to have a team of highly skilled and experienced dentists who are dedicated to providing exceptional smile makeovers. Our team consists of Dr. Allan Acton, Dr. Eric Davis, Dr. Kristen Madden, and Bryant Wooten, all of whom have extensive knowledge and expertise in cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Allan Acton is a renowned dentist with years of experience in smile makeovers. He is committed to helping patients achieve their dream smiles by utilizing the latest techniques and technologies in cosmetic dentistry. With his expertise, he can address various dental concerns such as color improvement, shape enhancement, and position adjustment.

Dr. Eric Davis is another expert at Cary Family Dental who specializes in smile makeovers. He believes that a beautiful smile can significantly impact a person’s self-confidence and overall well-being. Dr. Davis takes the time to listen to his patients’ desires and concerns, ensuring that he provides personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific needs.

Dr. Kristen Madden is known for her gentle approach and attention to detail when it comes to smile makeovers. She understands that every patient is unique and requires individualized care. Driven by her passion for creating stunning smiles, she combines artistry with advanced dental techniques to deliver exceptional results.

Bryant Wooten is an integral part of our dental team, providing top-notch smile makeovers at Cary Family Dental. With his vast knowledge in cosmetic dentistry, he ensures that our patients receive the highest level of care throughout their transformation journey.

When you choose Cary Family Dental for your smile makeover, you can trust that you are in the hands of experts who are dedicated to improving lives through enhanced smiles. Our team’s commitment to continuing education and training allows us to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry.

The dentists at Cary Family Dental in Cary, NC, standing in front of their practice sign

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What Our Patients Are Saying!

As a first time patient, I was warmly welcomed and every person I came in contact with was very friendly. I received a thorough cleaning and was very informed of my needs and any procedure that might be performed.

Cindy Covil

I have been a patient of Dr. Acton's for 19 years. You can trust him to listen to you and address your needs and/or fears. He has the most up to date procedures and invest in training all of the staff on both the latest techniques and customer service... I feel safe and well cared for at each of my appointments.

Darlene Germano

Dr. Acton is great at what he does and I highly recommend using Cary Family Dental as your new Dentist! PS - their new building is awesome and they have TVs on the ceiling so you can watch when you are getting cleaned!

Nathan Campbell

I have been with cary family dental for a few years now and always leave happy! I actually am looking forward to going to this dentist. All staff is always friendly and seem to really care about my well being.

Ida Kaeser
Tiffanie LeeTiffanie Lee
14:23 02 Dec 23
Catherine LauraCatherine Laura
22:28 28 Nov 23
If you are looking are excellence, look no farther. Dr. Acton delivers, every time. The most personable staff, the best equipment, and his level of expertise make going to the dentist so very enjoyable. I have confidence in his treatment plans and his ability to provide therapeutic service. The ambience of the office is professional and tranquil. And there is plenty of parking. So very grateful! Looking forward to my new crown next month…say’s the person who used to hate seeing a dentist. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Cat
Jimmy NguyenJimmy Nguyen
09:06 27 Nov 23
Nelson GramajoNelson Gramajo
04:21 25 Nov 23
sallie asallie a
14:29 16 Nov 23
Great dentistry and customer service.
23:38 14 Nov 23
The Hygenist, the Doctors, the entire team is so amazing. I can honestly say after 50 years, I AM NO LONGER TERRIFIED OF THE DENTIST!!! Thank you Cary Family Dental - see you soon!!Leigh 🙂
00:51 14 Nov 23
I have a very well and professional dental and dentist services on my visit from staff to professional hygienist and follow up for more oral health care. Most satisfied and happy.
Dan RichDan Rich
14:27 10 Nov 23
I changed dentists due to insurance coverage in October 2022. Today was my third visit for a cleaning and I had probably the best experience with a dental hygienist ever. Liz did an amazing job. She is very careful using the high-pressure water to clean close to the gums. There was no discomfort after Liz finished my cleaning. Dr. Wooten is excellent and thorough as well. Today's experience at Cary Family Dental was the “cats’ meow” and they have the best lib balm!
Angela SnowAngela Snow
17:04 08 Nov 23
Ashley BroadwaterAshley Broadwater
16:42 07 Nov 23
As someone who's struggled with dental anxiety and cavities, I totally recommend Cary Family Dental. They help me feel comfortable & have reduced my dental problems!
Tricia BrunoTricia Bruno
15:13 02 Nov 23
Just moved to the area and found CFD through Google reviews. They were 100% on point. This is probably my favorite dentist office I've been too. My hygienist Ana was so wonderful, as was Dr. Madden. I felt very welcomed and very well taken care of!
Catherine CastilloCatherine Castillo
16:16 26 Oct 23
Had a great experience and very through cleaning. They discussed my needs and helped me reach my goals 🙂
Megan GrableMegan Grable
19:33 23 Oct 23
Hygienist and dentist were both very nice, knowledgeable, and time efficient. My fears of the dentist have resolved now that I found these caring people. Thanks!
Robel RussomRobel Russom
14:49 12 Oct 23
I went to Cary Family Dental for the first time and was really happy with my experience - easily a perfect 10/10! The staff there, including the dentist, were super nice. I want to give a special shout-out to Ana, as she did an amazing job and was really really good at what she does, very friendly, professional and great with explaining everything.Came out the dentist, cheeeesing 😁!!!100% Highly recommend!!!
Ellie KitzmillerEllie Kitzmiller
21:12 09 Oct 23
First time and had a great experience! Karen the hygienist was so kind!
Jodi HanesJodi Hanes
19:23 05 Oct 23
Thank you for addressing the issue and providing a generous refund.
Julie GarrisonJulie Garrison
19:50 03 Oct 23
I give this Dentist and all of his staff a 5 star. From the time you walk in their front door you are welcomed and put at ease. I had the dental hygienist named Ana today she was so sweet kind and gentle on some of my sensitive teeth. Everyone is so professional and kind in this office. I would continue to HIGHLY recommend this dental office for your dental needs.
Barbara BensonBarbara Benson
11:10 29 Sep 23
I have been coming here for years. The people are great. Dr Acton is amazing. A special thanks to Janet and Rande. They made my visits extra easy. They are so professional and compassionate. Thank you so much for caring.
Cori MayCori May
15:10 23 Sep 23
The best experience with a dentist office I've ever had! From setting up my first appointment to arriving for my first appointment the team at the front desk was super friendly and helpful. My hygienist, Karen, was great and took the time to walk me through the appointment and answer all my questions. Dr. Davis was great as well, he explained everything clearly and I learned new things I hadn't know in all my time going to other dentists. So glad I joined this group!
Linda RosenLinda Rosen
16:13 20 Sep 23
Cary Family Dental has been my go to dental practice for many, many years now. The care given is top rate. Dr Acton, the founder, has always provided state of the art dental technology for his patients. All of the dentists and hygienists are extremely client focused and knowledgeable.My most recent experience with hygienist Liz confirmed all my previous experiences. This is a great place and I highly recommend it.
22:39 18 Sep 23
I typically hate going to the dentist but Cary Family Dental are a whole different experience! My hygienist, Karen, was super compassionate and thorough in explaining their process and what to expect on my follow up appointment. Dr Davis was very understanding and did not rush through the exam. I have left dental practices for their lack of trustworthiness and transparency but Cary Dental is top notch! They are not even in my network but the overall care is so worth the extras billed. I love my experiences here! Thank you for all you do.
Jacquelyn McNamaraJacquelyn McNamara
19:53 18 Sep 23
Tori my hygienist was great. I was anxious about my appointment today because of my recent gum recession. She was very cautious and I had no pain. Dr. Wooten is great also. I’ve been going to Cary Family Dental for awhile now and always have a positive experience. Staff is very friendly too!
Evan KramerEvan Kramer
17:24 12 Sep 23
I always look forward to my appointments at Cary Family Dental. From the moment you set foot in the door, you are greeted with kindness and exquisite customer service. I didn't have to wait almost at all to go back for my cleaning, and all of the dental hygienists are incredibly thorough and awesome! Karen, who I have had several appointments with over the past few years, does an incredible job while maintaining an engaging conversation that makes it seems like the cleaning flies by. The dentists are all knowledgeable and kind as well, and seem to truly want to ensure your experience is the best it can be. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a new dentist!
Olivia CulottaOlivia Culotta
14:25 08 Sep 23
I highly recommend Cary Family for all your dental needs. The office is very clean and welcoming. My hygienist Liz did an amazing job! She made sure I was comfortable and was very thorough with my dental cleaning! I have also met Drs Davis, Madden, Acton, and Wooten. All of the doctors are very professional and personable !
Cyrill WigetCyrill Wiget
23:49 31 Aug 23
Cary Family Dental is without any doubt the best dental care I have ever experienced. I had always excellent dentists in Switzerland and NYC, but the professionalism, treatments, and the staff & dentists are worldclass. Every treatment is well explained! I am lucky I finally found my dentist in the US.....
Harold MaddenHarold Madden
15:00 13 Aug 23
Amazing dentist and hygienist!!I have requested getting numbed for my dental cleanings for a number of years because my teeth are so sensitive. However, Fanta is so gentle and thorough in cleaning my teeth that I no longer request anesthesia.I also had a veneer fracture and was dreading getting it replaced. Dr. Kristin Madden made me feel comfortable as soon as she came into the room with her gentle touch, kindness and infinite patience. The new veneer was even more beautiful than my old one. Dr. Madden meticulously matched my tooth color and covered more of the tetracycline staining of my tooth so that my smile is as amazing as Dr. Madden. I trust her to do anything in my my mouth.
Rachel LittleRachel Little
00:09 27 Jun 23
I had the most amazing visit today despite not having been to a dentist for 5 years due to fear. I was super impressed with the hygienist who was so calming and they even asked about possible barriers to care which is so important. Dr Wooten and the hygienist took the time to explain the plan of care and why. They also are willing to do nitrous gas for my upcoming procedure. So amazing thanks you guys!
Abigail BarfieldAbigail Barfield
16:22 07 Jun 23
I’ve never liked going to the dentist. I’ve been to four different places in the last 3 years. BUT, I loved Cary Family Dental! I had Karen as my dental hygienist and she was great! She made me feel very comfortable and at ease! My dentist was Dr.Davis, who is is very knowledgeable and was incredibly helpful with the questions I had!
20:10 23 May 23
I only have great things to say about Cary Family Dental. Everyone is super friendly & professional. Over the years I have seen Dr. Acton & most recently Dr. Wooten & both Dr's make you feel important & cared for. Dr. Wooten's assistant Amber is so kind & friendly & she actually really made my day today. I highly recommend this dental practice.
Megan DantiniMegan Dantini
18:11 15 Feb 23
What a wonderful experience at Cary Family Dental today! This is an extremely well run practice, light years above my previous experiences. I was a new patient today and had the pleasure of meeting Dana who was kind, thorough, but gentle and a wonderful listener. This office is modern and beautiful and very clean. The process of scheduling and paperwork was seamless and I enjoyed not having to stop for checkout at the end as they keep a card on file for charges. I was seen by Dr. Madden who was also very nice and did a comprehensive check. I will absolutely return and recommend this practice highly. 10/10 stars. Thank you!
Will PryorWill Pryor
00:53 04 Feb 23
My experience with Cary Family Dentist was fantastic! My dental hygienist, Josie, was amazing to talk to and very knowledgeable. Her comments were sourced with evidence based research. I would highly recommend her as your dental hygienist. Doctor Wooten was very professional and knowledgeable as well. I would highly recommend Cary Family Dentist if you are new in the area and looking to establish care with a knowledgeable and professional dental team.
Sonya LangSonya Lang
12:43 26 Jan 23
To say that I had wonderful experience during my first cleaning at Cary Family Dental for someone with dental anxiety says a lot about their practice, my new hygienist, Candice, and Dentist! Candice informed along the way what she was doing and the tools she was using before starting. I loved that my teeth were polished prior to the cleansing of my gums. That helped to ease my nerves a bit. Overall, from scheduling my first appointment to arriving, my experience was top notch!! I expressed a concern with a dental issue and my dentist focused in on that area and eased my concern.I would highly recommend Cary Family Dental to anyone looking for a practice who is attentive, provides great service, with exceptional customer service from calling to schedule an appointment, follow-up, to leaving their office.I had missed my last dental appointment at my old practice because they had very limited hygienists, so I was behind on my current cleaning. I feel so much better since my cleaning today, and very happy that I chose Cary Family Dental my dental care 🦷 🤩🤩🤩
Jackie KernJackie Kern
00:46 12 Jan 23
The best- I have seen Dr. Madden for two cleanings now and she is great! Their office is amazing, staff is super helpful and the dental hygienists are the BEST! So friendly and always making sure you are comfortable. Cary Family is technically out of network for me but they cover the difference for preventative care cleanings. I have cavities that need to be filled and my insurance plan isn’t the best, but Dr. Madden was quick to refer other dentists in the area that may be in network for me. I will be going back for everything except for restorative care or until I have better insurance.
Kathy WakemanKathy Wakeman
11:32 22 Dec 22
Dr Acton and his wonderful staff make going to the dentist fun. Not easy to say about dental appointments in general but true for Cary Family Dental. Patients are treated like family, and Dr. Acton employs the latest technology to get the best results. Wish there were more stars as I would give them 10.
Maryanne KalmanMaryanne Kalman
15:56 22 Nov 22
Thank you Cary Dental! I cannot say enough good things about this office. I had very bad experiences with the dentist as a child/teenager and this has negatively impacted my visits to the dentist as an adult. It made me a very reluctant, fearful dental patient. I feel very grateful to have found Dr Acton & his office staff. They are all very welcoming, caring & kind. Dr Acton and his assistants Hannah & Randy explain everything, are patient & very gentle. I just had a dental cleaning with Candice who was incredibly understanding, compassionate & efficient. She made my cleaning such a good experience. I met Dr Madden today and she was also kind & gentle. I highly recommend Cary Family Dental.
Jasmine LanningJasmine Lanning
16:21 29 Sep 22
My husband and I would like to thank Liz the Hygienist, for being extra thorough with my husbands teeth. We would like to Thank Dr. Acton and Hana for all the Treatment done for various fillings and other procedures, they are both very gentle with the mouth and care about their patients comfort, this goes a long way for someone who hasn’t had the best luck with dentists and who has a mouth full of need. Last but not least we would like to thank Mackenzie at the front desk for revising and breaking down his treatment plan for him. I highly recommend this dentistry!
Bridget BuckBridget Buck
16:10 14 Sep 22
Everyone was very nice, knowledgeable and professional. Ronnie has a great Dental Hygienist. Her name is Casey Eubanks! She knows how to specially go the extra mile to make sure the patient is at ease and has a great experience under the circumstances of my son having special needs! We live out of town but worth the drive knowing getting great patient care! Very Clean office as well!
Elizabeth StrangeElizabeth Strange
13:36 07 Sep 22
Cary Family Dental hands down is the best dental office around! They treat you like family and have so much respect for you as a patient. Both my hygienist Carrie and Karen have been amazing and Dr.Madden is the definition of poise and class! Highly recommend if you are in the area!
Melanie BoyetteMelanie Boyette
13:10 26 Aug 22
I had a wonderful experience! Everyone is friendly and welcoming! My hygienist, Casey, was outstanding. She was thorough and explained everything she was doing. She took her time and was not rushed. I will definitely be back!
Tim HancockTim Hancock
13:48 18 Aug 22
They really make taking care of your teeth a breeze, even for bigger procedures. They also have movies and TV available on the ceiling and other amenities. More importantly though is that they are a fun and friendly group to work with and exceptionally talented at what they do.
Kristen BickfordKristen Bickford
20:53 17 Aug 22
A fabulous place! Not only is the office absolutely gorgeous, but the care and service I received was great! I went in for a new patient visit, was able to get a cleaning and see the dentist! I thought the dentist was very thorough which I appreciated. 10/10 experience and they even gave me a welcome gift. I’d recommend Cary Family Dental to anyone needing a new dentist in the triangle area, they were just fantastic!
Always a great experience. I had 2 cavities filled today and the dentist and the assistant were wonderful. They cared for my comfort during the procedure.
Maria WilliamsMaria Williams
13:21 06 Aug 22
I have been a patient at Cary Family Dental for over a decade. The Dentists/Team are absolutely wonderful! They are all professional; and, stay on the cutting edge of technology with state of the art procedures. I always feel that they keep my dental health a top priority! I always leave satisfied. I highly recommend them!
C A ChuC A Chu
02:35 01 Jul 22
First impressions last and Cary Family Dental did provide the best impression for a new patient like myself. I’ve been with my previous dentist for years and sadly decided it was time for a change after having experienced less favorable visits the past year and a half. Everything from the time I pulled up to my parking space to the quick tour of the office to my very detailed (and impressive teeth cleaning!) and conversation with Dr. Davis, the process has been seamless, organized, easy peasy and very professional. I’ve also had experienced great dental hygienists in the past but Kim is hands down the BEST I’ve ever had. Very knowledgeable, personable, gentle and efficient and I don’t think I will ever be the same again when it comes to my teeth cleaning! Lol Thank you Dr. Davis and team for taking such great care of me during my recent visit. Most importantly, thank you for listening to my concerns and providing me with the knowledge I needed to make the right decision for my dental health. Looking forward to returning and getting back on track to a great dental health!
Ram KRam K
15:27 08 Jun 22
Very pleased with all the treatment so far and scheduling. It's a nice new clinic on Kildaire farm rd. Liz was AWESOME! She's truly a perfectionist. No one in the past has cleaned that well and throughly. She was super patient & cares for her patients. We will continue to use this for our dental needs. THANK YOU!
Rana JRana J
22:29 19 May 22
This place is NOT like other places where they just want rip you off and take your money. In fact if you are looking for a dentist that is clean, organized and have a wonderful/professional staff! Seriously, look no farther!. I was seeking today for a dentist and I found this place with these many 5 stars reviews . I’m usually very skeptical about dental stuff and who touches my teeth. But I can’t describe how glad that I called this place and I scheduled an appointment SAME DAY for consultation. First the building is gorgeous and CLEAN! Staff are very friendly! They have the best customer service and very efficient. You can reach out to them by phone , email and text. Prompt Responses to any questions or concerns. Tiffany met with me first to address my concerns. She asked me all these important questions. She is an amazing and detailed on explaining things and making me feel very comfortable. And then Dr. Madden came to see me to check my teeth. I can’t tell you how much this doctor is WONDERFUL , CARING and PROFESSIONAL. I highly recommend to go see HER! She has knowledge and she recommends things/treatment that will keep your teeth healthy. Don’t waste your time or money looking somewhere else. This is one of the best dental clinic I ever been. Highly recommended!
Cam SextonCam Sexton
20:10 19 May 22
I would recommend Cary Family Dental to anyone. Went for a routine cleaning. Easy to tell they are a well run office with new equipment, efficient and friendly staff, and affordable. Dr. Davis and Karen were exceptional in the care I received.
14:07 12 May 22
Cary Family Dental has an excellent staff. They are all kind from start to finish. They make you comfortable when you get into the client rooms so that you can be totally relaxed while getting a cleaning, x-rays, or any other procedure. The dentists are very patient oriented and make you feel welcome. The dental assistants that have helped me are extremely knowledgeable and will answer any and all questions. Today, I had Karen as my dental technician. She is extremely professional, personable and her technique is flawless and painless. Way to go Karen. Keep up the good work! If you have not been to Cary Family Dental before and need your teeth cleaned, ask for Karen. You will be glad you did!
Angie PettyAngie Petty
19:54 04 May 22
Cary Family Dental is a great office. The staff were courteous, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and kind. The site is beautiful and comfortable. I really appreciated their efforts to support safety and social distancing too. I felt cared for from the moment I arrived till the moment I walked out the door.
Kylie SlusserKylie Slusser
16:58 04 May 22
I could not be happier with my choice to establish care with CFD! I am new to the area, so it was overwhelming to place my trust in a new practice to do cleanings, whitening, and more cosmetic things. My hygienist, Carrie, and Dr. Acton were nothing short of amazing. They explained everything thoroughly and made sure all my questions were answered before I left. I am super excited to continue my care through them and to see my end results!
Taylor TariqTaylor Tariq
14:08 04 May 22
This was the best experience I have ever had at a dentist. The office was clean, inviting, and not intimidating. The dental hygienist was communicative and comforting. I never felt judged for not having been to the dentist in a while and always felt at ease. The dentist was just as thoughtful and comforting. Couldn't recommend this practice enough.
Katie DelgadoKatie Delgado
15:56 28 Apr 22
Ameenah and Dr. Madden are amazing at what they do. I have never been a fan of going to the dentist, but they make the experience easy and comfortable. These ladies are amazing and get 5 stars for being professional lovely people.
Tammy McCollumTammy McCollum
18:14 21 Apr 22
Cary Family Dental is a great place to go to take care of your teeth. I do periodontal cleanings and always come to Karen (my favorite dental hygienist there) each time. She is super friendly, very professional, and provides exceptional service. You are always in good hands with Karen. Overall, the staff here are very gentle and kind. They explain very well the procedures and execute them flawlessly. Thanks again Karen and Cary Family Dental, can't wait to come back!
Ashley RoarkAshley Roark
20:05 14 Apr 22
The visit was awesome! They were kind and efficient in taking care of my teeth. After searching for a dentist office since my recent move down here, I can safely call this place my new dental home!
Shiela SieniShiela Sieni
14:55 06 Apr 22
Thank you so Much Dana and Dr. Madden. I can not tell you enough how much I appreciate you both and the staff. I could not have picked a better Dental Office.
E AdamE Adam
00:04 23 Feb 22
Great dentist. Very pleased with everything.Karen is my hygienist and she makes my visits very welcoming. Everyone here is very pleasant.
Jimmy RiordanJimmy Riordan
22:38 15 Feb 22
One happy camper! Karen is a superstar and actually she’s in very company. The entire staff is very nice and professional. I have never experienced such a comprehensive exam. I don’t have dental insurance so I purchased their plan and it’s a terrific value.Keep smiling.
Darlene GermanoDarlene Germano
21:58 24 Jan 22
Cary Family Dental is an excellent choice for your dental needs. I have been a patient of Dr. Acton's for 19 years. You can trust him to listen to you and address your needs and/or fears. He has the most up to date procedures and invest in training all of the staff on both the latest techniques and customer service. The front office staff is also always courteous and helpful. They handle all the insurance questions efficiently and with a smile. I feel safe and well cared for at each of my appointments.
15:13 10 Jan 22
Everyone at this place is amazing. I've moved around quite a bit and this is the only dentist that I've found that made me feel very comfortable each and every time. They take the time to explain everything and all your options. Unfortunately, I have to leave because I moved further away, but I would absolutely highly highly recommend this Dentist to anyone without hesitancy.

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