Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation dentistry patient from Morrisville underwent oral conscious sedation in Cary.
Many people experience intense fear and anxiety when thinking about visiting the dentist. Sedation dentistry at Cary Family Dental can help alleviate these fears and enable those who normally avoid the dentist to get the dental care they need.

Perhaps you may have an unpleasant memory from your childhood of an unprofessional dental practitioner, or you may be somewhat embarrassed that you haven’t been keeping up with your regular check ups. Experienced and compassionate sedation dentists like Dr. Acton understand your concerns and can make your next trip to the dentist completely relaxing and fear free with the use of sedation dentistry options like laughing gas and conscious sedation.

IV Sedation

Cary Family Dental is excited to announce it will begin offering IV Sedation to patients in 2018. IV sedation offers a higher level of sedation for patients with intense fear or phobia of the dentist, or for patients receiving a large amount of dental work in a single visit. Intravenous (I.V.) sedation is the administration of a sedative into the vein through a small needle. IV sedation is a dream-like state of deep relaxation. You are conscious during sedation, but are able to relax and not be bother by the dental procedure taking place. Most of the time there is little to no memory of the experience after the sedation wears off.
IV Sedation is commonly used during implant placements, wisdom tooth extractions, and other types of invasive dental treatments, or for patients experiencing a high level of dental anxiety.

Benefits of IV Sedation

  • Higher Sedation Level | IV sedation can provide an experience of a higher level of sedation. The gag reflex is minimized and the state of relaxation is deeper compared to oral sedation methods.
  • Safe & Quick | Since the sedation is administered directly into the vein, the medicine takes effect quickly and can be monitored and tailored to the individual needs.
  • Conscious Sleep-Like State | Patients remain conscious during IV sedation, as opposed to general anesthesia. This means the patients can still receive instruction from the dentists and will avoid the potential risks and costs associated with unconscious general anesthesia.
  • Little to No Memory of Procedure | IV sedation often causes amnesia during the time of use, so the dental visit will pass quickly and not be remembered.

Oral Conscious Sedation

For our patients who are more anxious and would like sedation stronger than laughing gas, we offer oral conscious sedation. We will provide you with an oral medication to take before you come in for your appointment.

Because oral sedation makes you sleepy, you will need a friend to drive you to and from your treatment. The medication will decrease your anxiety level and help you to relax while in our office.

Benefits of Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is helpful for the following reasons:

  • You remain conscious throughout the procedure so the dentist can give you instruction and communicate with you.
  • Your anxiety level lowers, which allows the dentist to perform high-quality work.
  • You don’t remember much of the procedure and feel better about returning to the dentist.
  • The medication can be taken in pill form. No need to worry about breathing masks or an IV.

Why Choose a Sedation Dentist?

A sedation dentist like those at Cary Family Dental near Morrisville and Apex, NC can guarantee you receive the appropriate dental health care without fear and anxiety. Sedation dentistry is the perfect solution to help you relax and makes you feel confident in your dental care provider. Both laughing gas and conscious sedation are safe and common procedures that helps thousands of patients every year.

What Can Sedation Dentistry Do for You?

  • Alleviate Your Fears | If you’ve avoided making the call to set up a dental appointment, visiting sedation dentists Dr. Allan Acton will eliminate the need for worry. Dr. Acton is the sedation dentist in the Morrisville – Cary – Apex NC area that can help you overcome your fears.
  • Increase Your Comfort | Thanks to conscious sedation, our doctors can perform the recommended dental procedures while you are peacefully and safely sedated.
  • Encourage Regular Dental Health Care | Conscious sedation will give you the confidence and comfort level to visit the dentist regularly. This means better overall health and lessens the chance that you’ll develop serious dental health problems in the future.
  • Peace of Mind | Thanks to sedation dentistry and your new regular oral health care habits, you can rest assured that your dental health care needs are being met.

Schedule a Sedation Dentistry Appointment in Cary, NC

If you live in the Raleigh-Durham area and would like to be relaxed, calm and confident during your dental care, contact a sedation dentist at Cary Family Dental today to find out more information about sedation dentistry! Fearful patients come from all over, including locally from Apex, Morrisville and, of course, Cary, that have laughing gas or conscious sedation as part of their dental appointment.