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The Man Who Learned to Smile

By April 16, 2015No Comments


Cary, NC – After a bicycle accident left his front teeth damaged, Danny was embarrassed to open his mouth. In time, he even forgot how to smile. Now, after some special help from Cary Family Dental, Danny is learning to smile again.

The Simple Things We Take for Granted

Danny recovered from his bicycle accident, but he found that the basics many of us take for granted—like smiling and eating—were no longer natural or easy.

Going to a restaurant with his wife, for example, transformed from an enjoyable evening out into a stressful one. Selecting only soft, easy-to-chew foods from the menu and eating carefully was just part of the struggle.

“I Want to Go Out to Eat with My Wife”

When he first visited Cary Family Dental, Danny told us:

I want to be able to go out to eat with my wife and not be conscious about my teeth. I don’t want her to be conscious about them. I want her to be proud.

We knew that we could help.

The Art of a New Smile

After spending several years worrying about his teeth, Danny was ready for a change. Re-inventing his smile was exciting for all of us, so, after some planning and discussion, we were ready to get started.

We removed Danny’s damaged lower teeth and replaced them with four implants attached to a fixed bridge. Now, he has a full set of bottom teeth that he won’t have to take in and out. He can eat whatever he wants with confidence.

Danny walked out of our office with new teeth in less than one day, but the smile took a while to come back. He explained:

You forget how to smile. Muscle memory–even for a smile—you have to get it back, so I’m just now learning how to smile again.

Danny’s New Smile

Danny is excited to have his old smile back. He told us that his teeth “look like perfectly normal teeth” and that it is exciting to be able to eat things like carrots and almonds again.

Most importantly, he feels comfortable taking his wife out for a bite to eat.

Here to Help

At Cary Family Dental, we want to help you through the journey. Whether you’re just considering a change or want to get started right away, we’re here to help.


Video from Cary Family Dental. Photo by Edsel Little.

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