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Smiling Should Be Comfortable

By June 19, 2015May 4th, 2022No Comments


Cary, NC — When it comes to your teeth, comfort is important–but Cheryl had forgotten what it felt like to bite down without pain until we found the perfect solution.

An Uncomfortable Bite

Pain is the last thing you want to feel while eating, but, for Cheryl, biting down comfortably while dining was easier said than done. By the time Cheryl came to Cary Family Dental, she had lived for years with chipped bonding on her two front teeth–which, as you can imagine, made biting down painful and difficult.

We had to replace the bonding on Cheryl’s teeth each year, because, eventually, with use, the bonding breaks down. Yearly re-bonding wasn’t comfortable or convenient for Cheryl, so we decided that something more permanent needed to be done.

This exciting decision would help Cheryl love how her teeth looked–and felt–so we decided to call the process a Smile Makeover.

Cheryl’s Smile Makeover

Cheryl spent a little over a year with us so we could restore her confidence–and comfort–with a Smile Makeover. She went through a “bite analysis,” which allowed her to personalize the experience and to tell us kind of a bite what felt the most comfortable.


Cheryl’s Smile Makeover

With the bite analysis, we were able to give Cheryl a more comfortable bite and a smile made just for her. Now, when she eats or bites down, she no longer has to worry about pain or pressure on her front teeth. Her smile is beautiful, and she will stay pain-free for years to come. When we asked Cheryl about her experience, she said: 

It was absolutely wonderful. Dr. Acton and the whole staff have been just great all along the way. My journey has been a year long, and I’m so thrilled with my new smile. It makes such a difference in how I feel about myself. I’d recommend Dr. Acton to other people 100%–he is the best.

Cheryl's smile before and after her treatment.

Cheryl’s smile before and after her treatment.


Lead photo by Brian Teutsch. Video and additional photos from Cary Family Dental.

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