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From Anxiety to Excitement

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Cary, NC — We turned Lauren’s anxiety into the white smile she’d always wanted.

Anxiety to Excitement

Like many of our new patients, Lauren was anxious the first time she came to Cary Family Dental. Unpleasant experiences she had faced in the past at other dental offices had almost caused her to give up on her dream of having a whiter, perfect smile.

Her thought was that if simple, routine dental work was nerve-wrecking, how could she consider something like teeth whitening? We’re glad that Lauren came to us, because we knew we could help her achieve her goals.

A Whiter Smile Made Easy

At Lauren’s very first visit, we sat down with her to talk about her goals for her teeth. She wanted her teeth to be whiter, and she also felt self-conscious about decalcification spots, called “white spots,” in her smile. To ease Lauren’s apprehension, we reviewed with her the whole process we would take to achieve her goals, step-by-step.

We decided that a whitening treatment called KoR would be best for Lauren.

With that, and with some simple bonding, we were able to help her achieve the smile she always wanted. Even more importantly, Lauren felt at-ease and calm throughout the entire process. We were so delighted to turn Lauren’s anxiety into excitement.

When she saw the finished results, she said, “I’m so excited about my new smile, and I can’t wait for my husband to see it and to show it off.”

We think Lauren is happy with the results.

We think Lauren is happy with the results.

Lauren's smile before and after KoR Whitening.

Lauren’s smile before and after KoR Whitening.

Goals Achieved

This is a goal we have for all our patients–helping them achieve their ideal smile without fear. After her procedure, Lauren told us that:

I came in because I wasn’t really happy with my smile. Overall, I wanted a healthier mouth, and I wanted a brighter, whiter smile. I think Dr. Acton did an excellent job and, from the start, everyone has been amazing at Cary Family Dental. From the hygienists to Dr. Acton, I couldn’t meet a more welcoming staff.

It’s our goal to make you feel the same way.


Lead photo by Andrea. Additional photos and video from Cary Family Dental.

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