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Putting Her Health On Hold

By October 31, 2017No Comments
A Heartwarming Story of a Patient Who Finally Found the Right Fit


Daisy’s own health was put on hold for years while she cared for her ill mother. After she passed, Daisy knew she needed to get back to taking care of herself.

“I was ready to put the investment in, because investing in yourself helps you feel good about yourself and makes life a little easier,” she said.

Unfortunately, her last dental experience was disappointing and she didn’t know where to start. Daisy explained that her previous dental office didn’t take their time and she always felt she was being rushed out the door.

Many people struggle to find time in their busy lives for personal care appointments like regular dental cleanings and exams. It doesn’t help when the practitioners are unsympathetic or difficult to work with.

When she found Cary Family Dental online, she called and was able to schedule her appointment the very next day. Daisy was relieved she wouldn’t need to wait any longer to address the pain she was feeling from untreated gum disease. Additionally, she had noticed herself becoming more aware of the way her teeth looked.

“I didn’t feel confident smiling anymore. I started to get self-conscious and wanted to see if something could be done,” Daisy said.

Cary Family Dental was the perfect fit. “They really take the time to explain things. They know the ins and outs and can explain it in a way that patients understand.”

We were able to address her major concerns and work within her busy lifestyle. Plus our office is located conveniently close to downtown Cary, making it easy for Daisy to drop in for a visit before, during, or after work hours.

Overall, it is our goal to help transform lives through the power of dentistry. We were pleased to be able to restore the health and the confidence to someone who has devoted much of her life to taking care of others.

“Life is hard. If you can control how you feel about yourself and someone can help you with that, then it can make other things easier to deal with.”

We love our patients here at Cary Family Dental. To make an appointment for yourself, call us today at 919-371-4428.


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