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5 Common Things People HATE About Their Teeth

By August 16, 2017No Comments

…most of which can be changed in just one hour

“I am embarrassed by my smile” is one of the most common comments that I hear every day from people. They tell me this during their visit with the hygienist or during a cosmetic consult.

There are many people that love their teeth and wouldn’t change anything about them, but there are thousands of people that are self-conscious about the way their teeth look. They cover their mouth when they smile or they use their upper lip to hide their teeth. Others will avoid being in photos or hide behind someone else. So, what is it that people hate so much about their teeth?

The 5 Common Things People HATE About Their Teeth

How this affects our psyche?

One thing I’ve learned over my years of practice is that through dentistry I can impact the complete well-being of my patients by addressing these common concerns head on. When people are self-conscious about their teeth and don’t smile, this changes the way that they feel about themselves. It also changes the way that others feel about them.

Compared to those who do not, people who do smile more often are seen as:

  • more attractive
  • more reliable
  • happier
  • sincere
Smiling is also scientifically proven to help your body:

  • lower stress levels
  • lower blood pressure
  • relieve pain
  • feel pleasure

What we can do about it

Maybe YOU have been concerned about your smile (or you know someone that is), but you’ve never talked to your dentist about it. Our practice offers FREE smile consultations (virtual or in-person) to help you get an idea about what is possible. These consults are quick and focused on the topics you want to address.

Smile Consults Include:

– Treatment options specific to your needs
– Timeline on how long it would take to complete the work
– Approximate costs of treatment and different payment options

Cost of treatment

Many people worry about the cost of treatment before they even speak to one of our doctors. Most of the time patients are fearful because they just don’t know what to expect. While it is possible that some treatment options can cost more than $20,000, there are often options that can be much more affordable. Many suggestions I give my patents are just several thousand dollars.

I enjoy the process of working together with my patients to find options that fit their budget and meet their smile goals. I truely believe there is NO one size-fits-all solution.

Smile Makeover Examples

I love sharing stories of how people’s lives are changed once we remake their smile. Here’s a few examples of each concern and how we were able to addess it.


I had a woman that came to me insisting that she needed veneers on her teeth because she felt they were too dark. The option she thought she needed would have been about $18,000, but after I suggested that she whiten and replace the necessary crowns, we found an option that was 85% LESS than what she thought.


When this 35-year-old man came to me he was not quite sure what he wanted to do with his smile. I helped walk him through a process of how to decide what he liked and didn’t like about his teeth. He thought they were too dark, and some were also too short. To fix these issues he whitened his teeth and we placed veneers on a few teeth.

He was so excited and could not stop looking at his teeth in the mirror. He said that he is going to have to learn how to smile again because he had been used to covering up his teeth with his upper lip. It’s a lot of fun to be able to do cases like this, where in just a few weeks you can change the way people have thought about themselves for years.


One of my patients, a woman in her 40s, wanted to go to her high school reunion, but she remembered how a few boys had made fun of her teeth years earlier. She almost cancelled her plans to go, but after getting her new smile she was excited to attend!

Missing Tooth

Whether its a fractured, chipped, or completely missing tooth, we have several options to repair or replace that tooth. This gentleman received a dental implant that restored the appearance and functionality of his mouth.

To see more before and after photos, download our FREE Before & After E-Book.

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