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Cary, NC — Katie came to our office a couple of years ago unhappy with her smile. We sure changed that!

It’s Not Just Cosmetic

Though Katie came to us with a healthy, beautiful smile, she wasn’t happy with the way her previous dentist completed the bonding on her front teeth to close some spaces she had. Our first goal was to help her love her smile again.

Katie wasn’t ready to make the big change right away, so we were able to polish and contour the bonding work as a temporary fix until it was time to move forward with something more permanent.

A Permanent Solution

Then, one of the bonded fillings came out while Katie was brushing her teeth, and she knew it was time. Even though most would see nothing wrong with her smile, she decided to complete the work for herself and for her own confidence. She was ready for a cosmetic change and a more long-term solution.

We met Katie’s goals with four veneers and a whitening treatment. To save money, Katie used our Opal Go whitening strips, which are a convenient, low-cost option to whiten your teeth without the process of making impressions and trays.

The result? The smile she’d always wanted.


Katie was beyond excited with the results, so we were too.

Patient photos from Cary Family Dental. Lead photo by BlinkView.

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