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Cary, NC — One of our most incredible stories is the story of Jim – an 82-year-old man who came to us searching for options to replace his missing teeth.

One Incredible Story

Jim came to Cary Family Dental with very few remaining teeth.

At 82, he told us that he hadn’t planned on living this long and that, for that reason, he had not invested money in the health of his teeth. Jim’s friends wouldn’t have it, though, and Jim grew tired of hearing their remarks about his empty smile. His friends’ comments inspired him to take action – not just for them, but for himself.

Reviewing Different Options

We reviewed different options with Jim to replace his missing teeth.

With a software called “Snap,” we were able to digitally simulate what replacing Jim’s missing teeth with dentures would look like.

When we showed Jim the pictures, he was thrilled.

He took his simulated photograph home after the consultation and began to show all of his friends what he would look like in the coming weeks. He told us that he even kept the photo in his pocket to show it off.


A New Jim

That was just a few months ago.


Now, Jim is now able to show everyone he meets his new smile.

In a few more months, we will place implants on Jim’s lower jaw to help with retention on the lower denture, but, in the meantime, Jim is thrilled with his new smile – and we’re thrilled that he asked for help.

Photos by Cary Family Dental. Lead photo by Christian Reimer

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