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Cary Family Dental Team Member Overcomes Fear of Dentist After 25 Years

By October 22, 2019May 4th, 2022No Comments

Hi. My name is Linda and I’m one of the patient care coordinators at Cary Family Dental. 

I’ve worked in the dental industry for over 25 years, so it may come as a surprise when I tell you that I was terrified of the dentist! For real, terrified!

Why I Hate The Dentist

Years ago, I was living in New York and had a horrible dental experience that made me avoid dental care as much as possible.

So you may be wondering why I still work in the dental industry…it’s because I love the opportunity to make a difference in patient’s lives. I know a warm greeting on the phone and a friendly smile when you walk in can make a huge difference in your experience at the dentist. It may even be the thing that calms someone’s nerves and let’s them know everything will be alright.

Easy to say when you’re not the one in the dental chair, I know!

All that changed recently when I couldn’t avoid it any longer. My team had noticed that having worked here for over 6 months now, I still had not been to the back for my regular dental exam and cleaning.

Alas, I knew it was time to bite the bullet, take the plunge, rip off the band-aid, however you want to phrase it, I knew I needed to make an appointment.

My First Experience as a Patient

Dr. Bostian knew I suffered from dental anxiety and he was happy to perform my exam. When we found out I would need a deeper cleaning, he suggested I come back for the appointment on a day I felt ready.

The day I came in for my second appointment, I was scheduled to see one of our hygienists, Karen. Karen was so sweet and made me feel at ease the entire time. She answered all of my questions with a smile, even though I think I asked the same few questions several times…

What was most amazing to me though, was the time and attend Dr. Bostain and the entire team dedicated to me during the appointment. Dr. Bostian came in to check on me 3 times during the cleaning. Each time he assured me that I was doing great and he was right down the hall if I needed him.

Karen and my other teammates cared for me as well, offering to get me items from our patient comfort menu and walked me to and from the room.

Making The Difference

I see them do these same things for our patients on a daily basis, but as an employee, I didn’t know I could expect that same level of care and attention.

Having finally experienced our practice from the patient’s perspective, I knew what was meant by ‘the Cary Family Dental way’ and why our patients were loyal to us year after year.

This practice is not just a dental office, it’s a family.

Helping Others Overcome Fear

I am sharing this story with you in hopes that it may inspire others that suffer from dental anxiety. Even people who show up to work at a dental office each day may experience anxiety when it comes to dental treatment and that is perfectly normal.

If you or someone you know is nervous about the dentist, I hope that you’ll give our office a and see how our family can touch yours.


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