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Trust Cary Family Dental For Accurate Info

By July 5, 2019No Comments

Cary family dentistry

Dental patients are better-informed than ever before, and it’s no surprise that much of their information comes from online sources. Proactive self-education is a good thing, especially if it helps with living a healthy lifestyle. But at Cary Family Dental we remind you that there is conflicting information out there, and to ask bring us your questions for accurate answers.

Misconceptions about medical treatment in general, and dentistry in particularm began circulating long before the Internet came along. But for all its virtues, the Internet has accelerated the speed and distance at which it can spread.

Some of the most prevalent dental myths are focused on the safety of x-rays, the risk of root canals, the facts about fluoride, and the effectiveness of alternative practices such as oil pulling.

At Cary Family Dental we are committed to keeping your smile healthy and beautiful for life. Providing you with reliable information is one of the most important things we do. Services include general and famly dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule your next checkup today.

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