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Cary, NC — During her search for a new, long-term dentist, Judy picked us. We were glad that we could help her feel at home during her first visit to Cary Family Dental, but, to our surprise, we ended up helping her a lot more than that.

The Search Ends

Judy recently moved to the Cary area and was searching for a new dentist. “I had gone to my previous dentist for 20 years, and I was looking for another dentist that I would be pleased with so that I could be their patient for another 20 years,” she laughed.

Judy was looking for someone she could depend on. We knew that picking a new care provider was a big deal for Judy – it’s a big deal to all our patients. We were happy that she chose us and that she immediately felt at home in our office.

First Visit

During her first visit, however, Judy told us that she was unhappy with the gray hue that showed through her old porcelain crowns to the fused metal crowns that were placed on her front teeth years ago. They were affecting her confidence, which was affecting her smile in return. Our fix was easy – we replaced the old crowns on Judy’s front teeth with all porcelain crowns to give her teeth a brighter, whiter appearance.

It was easy for us to make Judy feel at-home and comfortable during our first visit, just like it was easy to address her concerns about the discoloration on her teeth. What really mattered to us, though, was that Judy felt comfortable to tell us about her insecurities. She didn’t know that anything could be done to improve her smile.

“I am so pleased,” she told us. “I was so impressed with the staff at Cary Family Dental, and with Dr. Acton, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am! I think my teeth look beautiful!”

Photo by Jamie. Video by Cary Family Dental.

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