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Sparkling Smiles With Safe Bleaching

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affordable teeth bleaching Cary

One of the easiest ways to enhance your smile cosmetically is through teeth whitening. Whitening teeth is an easy, non-invasive method to improve your overall appearance and bring confidence to your daily interactions with people.

Before beginning the procedure of teeth whitening, Cary Family Dental recommends each patient meet with their dentist for a consultation. A dental consultation will help you determine which whitening method is best for you. We can also discuss foods and habits, such as smoking, that you can avoid keeping your teeth whiter longer.”

While visiting with your dentist, you can also discuss other aspects of your smile you would like to improve. New, cutting-edge technology provides methods to correct any dental issue you may have.

During your consultation, decide just how white you want your teeth to be. Depending on the whitening procedure chosen, your teeth can be lightened three to eight shades in just an hour. An in-office procedure produces a degree of lightening that cannot be achieved with a grocery store product. During your treatment, your dentist may apply a coating to protect your gums and roots while the bleaching agent is applied. A laser is then used to make the bleach work faster.

An alternative method is to have your dentist prescribe a take-home kit. These kits are customized for each patient. First, a mold is made of your teeth. Using the mold, the lab team creates trays to hold the bleach. While this method may take longer, it is more reasonably priced and more convenient for many Cary patients. Teeth whitening results from either method can last from six months to two years.

It is essential to know that whitening does not affect existing fillings, veneers, or crowns. It also is temporary and may require follow-up visits to keep them white.

Dr. Acton, of Cary Family Dental, has been creating pleasing smiles since 2003. Call our Cary office and schedule an appointment today at 919-371-4428.

Cary Family Dental offers general, restorative, and cosmetic dental services including KoR whitening, sedation dentistry, dentures, and dental crowns. At Cary Family Dental, quality care and a comfortable patient experience are our top priorities.


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