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Cary, NC — Philip came to Cary Family Dental searching for a way to whiten his teeth.

The dark stains on his teeth were caused from a Tetracycline medications he had taken as a kid. With a special kind of whitening treatment called Kor whitening, we were able to reverse the damage caused from Philip’s past.


Tetracyclines were introduced in 1948 as broad-spectrum antibiotics that were used in the treatment of many common infections in children and adults.

One of the side-effects of Tetracyclines is discoloration of both the primary and permanent teeth. This discoloration can be hard to whiten, and most people have to cover up the staining with veneers or crowns.

As an adult, Philip had bonding placed over the staining to hide the discoloration, but he came to us ready to remove the bonding and wanting to try whitening on his natural teeth. He had visited multiple dentists trying to find the whitening solution that would be best for him. When he learned about Kor whitening, he was interested, and he found that we provide the Kor whitening process at Cary Family Dental.

Kor Whitening

We offer Kor whitening because it provides teeth whitening results that provide predictability, effectiveness, longevity of effect and decreased sensitivity.

The process to remove the Tetracycline staining took about two months, but Philip was ecstatic with the results.

Reversing the Past

We are thrilled with the results from this Kor whitening treatment, and we can see Philip is too! It’s hard to put into words how great it looks, so here’s a before-and-after photo.

Before and After

What we noticed the most was a sincere change in Philip’s smile – prior to the Kor whitening, his smile felt forced, and we could tell he wasn’t comfortable giving us a big grin. As you can see, the aftermath was a completely different story.

Photo by Cary Family Dental. Lead photo by Jonathan Khoo.

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