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Protect Your Smile From Unseen Harm

By May 2, 2017No Comments

After years of regular beating from rain, snow, sleet and hail, we decided it was time to get our roof inspected. From the outside it appeared fine, so without the expertise of our roof inspector, we would not have know that it needed to be replaced. 

Much like a roof on your home, fillings are put in place to protect what lies underneath and only a dental specialist can determine if a replacement is necessary.

So why do you need to protect a filling?
Fillings can last for decades. However, overtime your fillings are subject to chewing, clenching and grinding that contribute to their wear.  Eventually, cracks and holes develop that are invisible to the naked eye. Worn, chipped or cracked fillings leave small gaps between the tooth. Food and bacteria work their way into these gaps and make you susceptible to further decay and infection.

This problem often goes unnoticed until the infection is severe and your treatment options are limited. A simple replacement can save you from more extensive and costly procedures in the future. Not to mention, nice, new materials offer an aesthetic advantage!

Most of the time fillings do not need to be replaced, but if a damaged filling goes untreated, the consequences could be severe. Think about how a neglected and damaged roof can leak when it rains. What happens if you never replace the roof? It may one day collapse completely onto the building below. Our mouths demand the same attention and care in order to operate at their best.

Getting a new roof helped us protect the precious foundation underneath and allows us to maintain a beautiful and safe facility. Regular dental check ups will allow you to protect and maintain what’s important to you — your smile.

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