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Newsletter September 27

By September 27, 2023October 10th, 2023No Comments


Hello everyone!

In our last newsletter, I touched upon my two-decade journey in the field of dentistry. This significant milestone has given me a moment to ponder the profound impact and the lasting legacy I wish to leave. As my children, Molly and Jack, grow up and I navigate the latter half of my career, I find myself reflecting even more on the essence of our practice motto: “changing lives through dentistry”.

This motto encompasses a wide array of initiatives and efforts. It fills me with pride to acknowledge the numerous charitable organizations we have supported over the years, including Smiles For Life, the American Heart Association, and Dentistry from the Heart, in addition to various local charities and schools. Our contributions extend beyond financial assistance; we have also played a pivotal role in the personal and professional growth of our team members. A testament to this is Dr. Wooten, who started as a volunteer a decade ago and is now a valued dentist in our practice.

However, the heart of our mission lies in the transformative experiences we provide to our patients. It brings us immense joy to witness the positive shifts in their lives, often sparked by a newfound confidence in their oral health and their smiles. We firmly believe that enhancing someone’s smile can alter their interactions with the world, fostering more positive interactions with those around them.

Though we are a modest dental practice in a small town, our daily efforts resonate outward, creating a ripple effect of positive change in our community and, potentially, the world. We remain committed to making a substantial impact through our continuous dedication to improving lives, one smile at a time.


Allan Acton DDS Owner, Founder Cary Family Dental

Three weeks to a camera-ready, confident smile! 

A radiant “Hollywood smile” isn’t everyone’s goal when they consider enhancing their smile. Many of my patients are looking for subtle changes that refresh their appearance without making it obvious to their friends what they had done. They are looking to have a brighter, whiter smile that makes people say “Wow, you have great teeth!”

A perfect way to attain this kind of smile transformation is by focusing on the front four upper teeth, which are most visible when you smile. When we talk about revitalizing your smile, there are three principal aspects to consider: the color, the shape, and the position of your teeth. By skillfully manipulating these elements, we can craft a smile that showcases a noticeable, yet graceful change.

In the images shared below, you can see the striking, yet natural-looking differences that can be achieved through a combination of porcelain restorations and teeth whitening. This entire approach is not only predictable but can be completed in as little as three weeks, offering a lasting solution for those looking to enhance their smile subtly.

To explore more real-case scenarios where we focused solely on enhancing the front four teeth, you can follow this link. If you believe this might be the right choice for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for a free cosmetic consultation.

Transform your smile

In this longer form blog post, read in-depth about the factors involved in a smile makeover. Learn more about the impact of the color, shape and position of a tooth on the overall appearance of your smile. Learn how a new smile is created and how each smile is unique.

See more pictures of smile makeovers

See more pictures of “mini” smile makeovers

What is a Dental Implant?

In this blog post, we break down the simple, three-step process of getting a dental implant. Plus, we’ve thrown in a picture to show you just how natural a dental implant can look and function. Feel like learning more? Our team at Cary Family Dental is just a call away, ready to help you get back that gorgeous smile without a fuss!

Discover More in the Full Article: What is a Dental Implant?

Welcome back Randi!

We are pleased to announce that our long-time assistant, Randi, is back from her maternity leave. It’s great to have her back in the office after she and her husband Kraig welcomed her new baby, Caleb, in June, joining his big sister, River, who was born last year. We’re excited to have Randi back on the team and look forward to our patients reconnecting with her.


Year end appointments fill up fast. Have you scheduled your next appointmentYou can schedule here or by calling us at 919-460-6884.

Do you have an FSA or HSA account through work? Learn more about how to use them at your dental office here. And yes, even snore guards are eligible.

Cary’s new downtown park, one mile from our office,  opens soon.

We are excited to meet our new neighbors moving into Glenaire’s new facility across the street. Many of our patients work or live there. I am particularly excited that my mother-in-law Susan will be moving there in March.

Dry Farm Wines: Do you like wine but worry about the sugar (ahem, causing cavities)? Check out my high school friend David’s company that caters to those that are watching their sugar intake. They search the world for the purest, organic, sugar-free natural wines in the world. I have no financial interest in this, just thought you might be interested.

Maintaining good oral health is more crucial than ever! Recent studies, highlighted in The Washington Post, suggest a link between poor oral hygiene and increased risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It’s believed that conditions like severe periodontal disease can lead to chronic inflammation and allow harmful bacteria to affect our brain functions. While research continues, it’s clear that regular dental care and good oral hygiene are vital for our overall well-being. So, keep brushing for a healthier body and a sharper mind!

A Sweet Success Story Right from Our Community: Discover Burgess Bakery!

I have always been an ardent believer in the transformative power of small businesses, both in shaping individual lives and enriching our community. Today, it brings me immense joy to showcase a blossoming talent right from our dental family – Roz Burgess.

Roz, who is just 17 and the son of our longtime hygienist Candice, has embarked on an exciting journey in the bakery business, where he specializes in crafting exquisite cake pops (among other things). His remarkable entrepreneurial spirit and culinary creativity are a true inspiration, reminding us of the vibrant potential nestled within our community.

We recently had the delightful experience of indulging in a “cake pop wall” that Roz created for our office. His journey hasn’t gone unnoticed. Roz was recently spotlighted on ABC News, showcasing his accomplishments to a broader audience.

I invite you to explore the delightful world of Burgess Bakery through his website and to witness his journey in this inspiring ABC News feature.

Also, he recommends you brush and floss after you eat them! 

Calendar Updates:

We are excited to remind you that we have extended hours on select Saturdays to provide you with more flexible scheduling options. Currently, we are open two Saturdays a month to help accommodate your busy schedules.

Saturdays we are open through January 2024:

  • October 7, 21
  • November 4, 18
  • December 2, 16
  • January 13, 27

Please mark your calendars with these dates and schedule your appointments early to secure your preferred time slots.

We would also like to inform you of the following dates when our office will be closed to allow our team to recharge and serve you better:

The office will be closed on the following dates:

  • September 29
  • October 10
  • November 22-26
  • December 23-26,  and Dec 29 – January 1
  • January 11, 2024
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