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Marie Leaves Her Comfort Zone

By March 9, 2016No Comments


Cary, NC — Marie came to Cary Family Dental to have her cavities filled, but we ended up helping her with something else, too.

Meet Marie

Marie has been a patient at Cary Family Dental for many years.

Recently, she came into our office to have some cavities filled. It was a simple appointment – just the way she liked it.

While Marie was at the office, though, we discovered that one of her front teeth had some dark, discolored bonding on it. This discoloration was due to the presence of old filling material that had been used to correct one of her older cavities.

This can happen to bonding if it sits on teeth long enough, and many people end up having the bonding replaced for cosmetic reasons.

Comfort Zone

We told Marie that we could replace the bonding, but, at first, she wasn’t interested. Apart from aesthetic concerns, discolored fillings don’t propose any real problems, so Marie was tempted to hold off on the procedure.

Marie’s husband, on the other hand, prompted her to think about it. He had accompanied her to the appointment and thought fixing the issue now sounded like a good idea. We reminded Marie, who still wasn’t convinced, just how easy and painless replacing a bonding is – usually, we can complete it in under 15 minutes.

She tentatively agreed.

The End Result

The replacement was a success, and any hesitations Marie had in the first place disappeared when she looked in the mirror we gave her after the procedure.


Marie’s smile, before and after the bonding replacement

“I didn’t realize how such a small change could make such a difference in my smile,” she exclaimed.

Marie (and her husband) were very happy with the results, and Marie said she feels much more confident about her smile now. We’re so happy we could help.

Patient photos by Cary Family Dental. Lead photo by John Watson.

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