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Keep Your Smile Healthy for National Dental Hygiene Month

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Keep Your Smile Healthy for National Dental Hygiene Month

CARY, NC, October 2, 2003 – October marks the beginning of National Dental Hygiene Month, a month set aside to promote the importance of oral health. This year’s theme is “Oral Health Care”. In honor of this month, Cary Family Dental, a practice committed to providing both comfortable and affordable dental care, is offering tips to ensure that smiles stay healthy and happy, not just for October, but all year long.
“Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is very simple and easy to do,” says Dr. Allan Acton of Cary Family Dental. “Following these tips will ensure that everyone has something to smile about for many, many years to come.”

Dr. Acton suggests the following 5 tips for optimal oral care:

  1. Get regular dental checkups at least twice a year.
  2. Brush the inner and outer surfaces of your teeth at a 45 degree angle in short, circular strokes.
  3. Flossing daily removes plaque and food particles caught between the teeth and below the gum line.
  4. If your baby goes to bed with a bottle, make sure it only has water in it. The sugars in certain drinks (apple juice, milk, etc.) can cause cavities in your child’s mouth.
  5. Sealants on your child’s permanent molars are a great way to decrease the chance of getting cavities.

About Cary Family Dental

Cary Family Dental is located near the corner of Kilmayne Drive and Kildaire Farm Road in Cary and provides a trusted tradition of personalized, comfortable, and affordable care. Dr. Allan Acton is part of a new tradition of dental comfort and care and has dedicated his professional career to providing patients with the best that dentistry has to offer. For more information about Cary Family Dental, visit their website at or call 919-371-4428.

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