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Dr. Allan Acton completes Three-Day Kois Center Dental Training Track

By January 5, 2011No Comments

Dr. Allan Acton, of Cary Family Dental, recently completed a three-day course provided by The Kois Center in Seattle. “Restorative/ Periodontal Interface” was led by instructor John C. Kois, DMD, MSD and discussed the importance of understanding why some anterior crown margins (the area around the edge of the crown) become exposed while others stay stable for years and how management of this area can improve the esthetics and longevity your teeth.

This course is part of a continuum that Dr. Acton is committed to completing in about two years. Last year, he completed Course I: Treatment Planning I: Diagnostically Driven and Course II: Functional Occlusion I: Science Driven Management. In December, he completed Course III, which gives him a total of 77 hours of continuing education credit hours. The Kois Center dental program is one of the top programs of its kind in the country, and Dr. Acton said the experience was both educational and fun.

“This was an intense training experience, and the knowledge I was able to acquire in such a short period of time is truly invaluable,” says Dr. Acton. “Cary Family Dental believes that if our patients feel comfortable with their dental options and the dental process as a whole, the better overall dental experience they’re likely to have. This training will allow me to continue to offer our patients the best dental health solutions currently available.”

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