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Different Types of Bone Grafts used with Dental Implants

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There are five types of periodontal bone grafts available:


An autograft is when a surgeon uses your own bone for a graft. It is usually taken from the back of the jaw or hip bone. This type of graft may not be the best choice for some patients.

Donor pain can be severe and can cause major problems for some people. Periodontists often use carcass, animal, or synthetic material for grafting. The surgeon will use the patient’s bone or jawbone graft only in severe cases.


If you are not a candidate for an autograft, your oral surgeon may recommend an allograft. An allograft is when a surgeon removes a piece of human bone from a corpse.

This method is a safer and cheaper alternative to autograft. There is also a small risk of infection from the bones of corpse donors.


A xenograft uses a piece of bone from an animal, usually a cow. This method is quite successful. However, it has a lower success rate than an autograft or allograft because the bone is of a different type.

Xenograft does not stimulate the body’s cells to become bones. It works like a scaffold where your bone grows naturally. In many cases, however, parts of the graft may be your own bone.


Alloplast uses a synthetic bone substitute consisting of phosphorus, hydroxylapatite, and calcium. This method has no risk of disease transmission and can correct minor defects on its own. Like a xenograft, alloplastic cells in your body cannot stimulate new bone formation and formation.

Sinus Lift

If you lose a few back teeth, you may start to lose some of your sinuses and fill in the missing teeth. If this happens, a sine lift may be the best choice for you. The sinus lift returns your sinus to normal and heals the hole with a bone graft.

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