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Composite Bonding – An Easy Fix

By August 31, 2015May 4th, 2022No Comments


Cary, NC — A common complaint our patients have about their smiles is the presence of an unwanted gap between their two front teeth. This is such an easy fix, and we helped Lauryn pick the best option to remove hers.

“I Want a Perfect Smile”

Like many other patients, Lauryn was tired of the spacing she had between her two front teeth and decided it was time for a change. She had worn braces in the last and was especially frustrated that the gap was still there.

“I want to close it up because I want a perfect smile,” she said.

Lauryn came to our office for a consultation, and, together, we reviewed two ways in which we could close the spacing.

Veneers vs. Composite Bonding

We reviewed two options for Lauryn – veneers and composite bonding. A veneer is a layer of material placed over a tooth to improve its aesthetics, and composite bonding is the process of adding tooth-colored material between the teeth to close the gap.

Lauryn chose composite bonding, and we were all thrilled at the results. “Look at my smile! It’s beautiful; I love it. I can’t stop smiling,” she exclaimed.


Lauryn’s smile, before and after.

An Easy Experience

When we asked Lauryn her about her experience, she said:

Everything was painless. It was quick; quicker than I thought it would be actually, and it was quite easy.

I’m very excited about my new smile. I can’t wait to walk out of here and show it to everybody.


Photos and video from Cary Family Dental. Lead photo by Judy van der Velden.

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