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Cary, NC — When Linda’s dentist of 30 years retired, her daughter-in-law steered her in our direction. It ended up being a change for the better!

Perfect Timing

By now, you probably know that we cover the board in services we offer at Cary Family Dental. From simple check-ups to major cosmetic surgery, we pretty much do it all.

Linda came to our office with perfect timing. She’d been searching for new dentist and needed quite a bit of dental work, too. An accident had broken her front tooth, and she was ready for a replacement. As we do with any patient, whether they’re new or a longtime client, we reviewed all of the options with her.

Together, Linda and our staff decided that a dental implant would be the best bet. We removed the broken tooth and gave Linda a partial (or a temporary replacement tooth) to wear while the area healed for 90 days.

When she came back, we easily placed the implant.


Linda’s smile, before and after we placed the implant.

Changing for the Better

All of our cosmetic dentistry patients want a natural-looking smile, but, with implants, that’s especially so. Linda was thrilled with the results – even her closest friends couldn’t tell that she’d had work done to her mouth.

I have been pleased with every aspect of my care, from the hygienists to the front office staff to the dentists. I’ve had to have several crowns in the past, and then I broke my front tooth. and then, about three months ago, I broke a front tooth. [At Cary Family Dental], I was never in any pain and the procedure was absolutely wonderful. It was very well explained and all questions I had were answered.

We’re so happy to have Linda as our new patient.


Photos and video by Cary Family Dental.

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