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A Hollywood Smile

By April 28, 2016May 4th, 2022No Comments


Cary, NC — When Hailey wanted a “Hollywood Smile” but couldn’t find the look she wanted, she came to us in search of a second opinion. We didn’t disappoint. 

Hollywood Smile

As a mom, Hailey felt like her teeth had thin and looked translucent from having kids. She also wished her teeth were whiter and did not like the small black triangle she saw between her two front teeth every time she looked in the mirror. Hailey wanted her dream smile – a Hollywood smile – and we knew that we could help.

At Hailey’s first consultation appointment, we talked about her goals, desires and expectations. We decided to place 10 veneers, which are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the front of teeth, to Hailey’s upper teeth and use KoR whitening, a fast and effective whitening treatment, to make her bottom teeth shine like the top and match her new veneers.

How It Works

Before we got started, we reviewed the veneer process with Hailey. We told her that we would take impressions of her current teeth and sent that to the lab. In return, the lab would give us something called a “wax up” to help us build the perfect smile that Hailey envisioned.

At Hailey’s second appointment, we explained that we would put the “wax up” in Hailey’s mouth to show her what the new shape of her teeth would look like. If she was happy with it (spoiler – she was!), our next step would be to prep her teeth for the veneers. Today, this process is painless and easy to complete.


Then, after we took the final impression of the prepped tooth surface, we would send Hailey home wearing temporary veneers. In three weeks, she’d return for the delivery of the final veneers, and voila – a Hollywood smile!

We’re happy to report that the process described above is the exact treatment plan we followed with Hailey, and her new teeth are, without a doubt, a success. She loves her new smile, so we do too.

Lead photo by Shinya Suzuki. Patient photos by Cary Family Dental.

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