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3D at the Dentist: How It Works

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Cary, NC — Mike has been coming to Cary Family Dental for a long time. Last year, we took out his fractured tooth and replaced it with an implant using 3D technology.

Meet Mike

We’ve known Mike, one of our patients, for years now.


After Mike lost one of his teeth, we used 3D scans and technology to guide us in placing a new tooth in the perfect spot. These 3D images and guides are some of the newest, and neatest, tools there are in dental technology. Here’s how we used them to help Mike.

3D at the Dentist

A 3D scan (or picture) of Mike’s mouth helped us see what the inside looked like and what we had to work with. We could also see any landmarks that might get in our way, like sinus cavities or nerves. The best part? All we had to do to see the inside of Mike’s mouth was take a picture, causing him no pain or stress.

After viewing Mike’s 3D scan, we used the same technology to place his implant in the perfect spot. Soon, a specially-designed crown (or Mike’s replacement tooth) will be attached to this implant to complete his new smile.


In this photo, you can see where we placed Mike’s new tooth.

“It Didn’t Hurt At All”

Using 3D technology in dental procedures isn’t just fascinating; it also makes the process more accurate and more comfortable to patients. Very few of our patients have experienced discomfort during the 3D placement of implants.

In an interview right after his implant was placed, Mike told us:

The implant was easy. I think it’s less impact on you than a cavity filling. It probably took 30 minutes at the most. It didn’t hurt at all.

Mike talks more about the placement of his new implant here:

Visit Us to Learn More

Technology like this helps us serve you even better. Whether it’s performing a basic check-up or using new technology, we love what we do. Give us a call to learn more about the technology we use, or to let us know how we can help you love your smile.


Story, photos and video from staff.

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