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CEREC and E4D One Visit Dental Crowns

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same day dental crowns Cary

If you’re like most men and women in Cary, you welcome convenience in every aspect of life. In other words, straightforward processes with minimal disruption to your schedule. 

Multiple Appointments Can Be a Hassle

When it comes to medical or dental procedures, convenience means the fewest visits possible. Hopefully, only one visit.

Let’s consider dental crowns, for example. Most people need a restoration like a dental crown at some point in their life. A dental crown is one of the most versatile dental restorations. It covers the total visible portion of a tooth and can repair a weakened tooth, a tooth with a large cavity, or a tooth that has undergone a root canal. A durable dental crown protects the remaining tooth, allows normal function, and prevents shifting of the surrounding teeth

Dental Crowns Used to Take at Least Two Appointments

The conventional dental crown procedure involves at least two visits. (Sometimes three or four depending on the situation.) On the first visit, the dentist would prepare the tooth and create an impression for the crown. To make impressions, the patient had to bite into a U-shaped tray filled with a thick, gooey substance (alginate or polyvinylsiloxane). 

Then the dentist would send the impression to a dental lab to have the crown constructed. This could take a couple weeks. When the crown was finished, the patient would have to come back to the dentist to have it placed and cemented. 

CEREC and E4D Same Day Crowns

Now, there are two appointment systems. The brand names are CEREC and E4D. Both systems use CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) to design and manufacture a perfectly-fitting crown.

CAD uses 3-D software that photographs teeth to create an exact model. In some dental practices, the patient can see the 3-D digital scans on a screen during their visit.

CEREC uses an infrared camera to transmit the tooth’s exact shape to the CAD software. E4D accomplishes the same thing with laser technology. As mentioned previously, CAD is the modeling software. Once there is a precise 3-D rendering, it’s time to actually create the restoration. That is what the CAM machine does. CAM is the milling process, in which a small bit-like device runs at extremely high speeds to precisely chisel a custom-fitting crown out of a ceramic block.

6 Steps For a One Visit Dental Crown

Here is a recap of the entire same day dental crown operation:

  1. Tooth Preparation. Your dentist will prepare the site for your crown by clearing away decay or portions of the damaged tooth.
  2. Intraoral Scanning. Next, your dental professional will use an optical scanner to create a 3-D digital rendering of the damaged tooth and surrounding teeth.
  3. Restoration Design. With the 3-D images, the dentist will use the CAD software to design the final restoration.
  4. Milling. A milling machine uses the 3-D scan and precisely chisels the crown from a single block of ceramic.
  5. Sintering and Polishing. The dentist then stains or glazes to make the surface of the dental crown look like a natural tooth. Following that, the dentist polishes the restoration to perfection.
  6. Cementation. Finally, the restoration is permanently attached in your mouth. (

Did we mention that this occurs in one same day procedure?

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