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Cary, NC — If you’ve been in a long distance relationship, it’s probably because your significant other was worth the miles between you.

That’s how Sue felt about Cary Family Dental.

Long Distance Relationship

Sue has been traveling to our Cary office from her home in Virginia for about four years now.

She began seeing us for her own dental care after her daughter referred her to our office. Back then, Sue had needed a comprehensive dental office that could treat all of her dental needs – from basic check-ups to periodontal disease to replacing several missing teeth.

At Cary Family Dental, we do it all, so we were a great choice for Sue.

We were able to replace her missing teeth with dental implants using guided stents and 3D scans – our most up-to-date technology. These innovative tools allow us to make Sue’s twice-a-year trips to see us more efficient (and less frequent) than they’d be without the new technology.

The End Result

Eating, chewing and smiling is easier for Sue now, and she is delighted with her new teeth. She has said that, even though her extensive dental needs have ended, she will continue to travel to Cary from Virginia to see us for regular check-ups.

We won’t be breaking up with her anytime soon!

Photo by Shivaji Narayanan.

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