Weekend Dentistry

Our Dentists Are Available On Saturday

If you have a busy schedule or work every weekday from nine to five, finding time to visit the dentist can be challenging. At Cary Dental, we provide a weekend dentist and extended hours for our busy patients, including early morning appointments and Saturday hours.

Saturday Dentist Hours for Unexpected Issues

Dental emergencies are rarely convenient and can occur anytime; they don’t always wait for a weekday during regular business hours. If you experience an accident or a toothache late at night or on a weekend, we have you covered.

We provide a walk-in dentist for our patients who experience dental emergencies. Further, early morning hours and a Saturday dentist mean that we are more flexible when it comes to dealing with your dental emergency.


Extended Hours for Busy People

Additionally, we want to accommodate the many patients who, for various reasons, can’t make it to an appointment during regular office hours. Perhaps you work multiple jobs, long hours, or simply can’t afford to take time off work.

Our Saturday and early morning hours make it more convenient for you to get the dental care you need. This can greatly reduce stress and means that you can maintain good oral health.

Morrisville patients on their way Cary Family Dental to meet with the Saturday walk-in dentists.

Schedule a Saturday Appointment

While our walk-in dentist is available on Saturdays, you can also schedule a regular appointment on a Saturday. Maybe you need a cleaning or a filling or would like to get your teeth whitened. Any of these services can be performed for you by our Saturday dentist.

There’s no need to juggle your schedule, trade shifts with a coworker, or take a sick day. With our weekend dentist option, you’ll find that we conveniently fit our schedule around yours.

Our Cary Dental team (including our weekend dentist) is happy to accommodate you and your busy life. Whether you experience a dental emergency or would like to schedule a routine procedure, we provide both early morning and Saturday hours for your convenience.

Call us and let’s schedule an appointment at a time that will work for you.