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Paying it forward at Cary Family Dental

By February 8, 2012No Comments

A couple of months ago I gave each team member at Cary Family Dental a $100 bill with explicit instructions:

“Give this money away in the next 2 weeks or give it back to me.”

You see, I believe the old adage that when you give something away you get something greater in return. Personally I have always found it extremely rewarding to give back. You can see that in many of the projects that we take on such as Cary Smile Makeover, Smiles for Life and recently Dentistry from the Heart. I was pleased to learn that each team member took it upon themselves to find a unique way to “pay it forward.” Below are the people or organizations that benefited from this project.

1. Wounded Warrior Project
2. Operation Smiles
3. A church raising money to help abused girls in Peru
4. A church in Vermont that matched what she gave, and then gave to different charities
5. A church in Cary that helped a local needy family
6. St. Judes Children’s Hospital
7. Salvation Army and an extra $20 tip for a waitress in need
8. A family friend that was in need because of poor health
9. A family member that didn’t have enough money to fix their washing machine

I am very proud of our team for taking this on.


Allan Acton DDS

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