Patient Commitment Guarantee

Above all else, we always work to provide the highest quality dental care in a clean, safe environment that is comfortable where you get what you expect. We strive to control every aspect of your care and visit to our office. We think it is important for you to know what you can expect and what our commitment is to you. That’s why we created this patient “commitment guarantee” written with you, your health, safety, comfort and convenience in mind.


We will commit to keep you informed in advance about the status of your appointment, your treatment options, and your financial options/arrangements.


We will work together to find the best appointments times that accommodate our mutual schedules. If, for any reason, our office cancels your scheduled appointment within less than 48 hours of appointment time, you are entitled to 5% off your next visit. (Inclement weather excluded)

Occasionally procedures run longer than planned. If we are not able to seat you for your appointment within 10 minutes of your scheduled time, you will be notified within that time period. If we are not able to seat you within 20 minutes of your appointed time, you may reschedule or receive a $25 credit to your account for your patience in waiting.

Treatment Options:

You will always be informed of your treatment options and financial investment in advance, in writing before treatment begins. Occasionally there may be a need to change your treatment plan during treatment. If so, you will always be notified in advance including any change in the financial arrangements. If we do not notify you in advance, the financial difference between your original treatment plan and the revised one will be at no charge to you.

Billing information:

We respect your finances as much as your health. If, for any reason, we over bill your account, we will not only correct the mistake but credit your account for the amount of $50 for the mistake.


We keep all your dental records and health information strictly confidential. If, at any time, you need your diagnostic records transferred, copied or sent to another office, we will gladly send those records on the day of your request either by email, US mail or make them available for you to pick by days end at no charge.