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Overcoming Fear

By January 6, 2017No Comments

When Ginger landed a job at Cary Family Dental as a Patient Care Coordinator, she was excited about receiving the guidance and professional training she needed to grow. However, she soon realized those opportunities wouldn’t come without a challenge. Ginger had an intense fear of flying that threatened her chance for personal and professional development. Much like the many people with a fear of visiting the dentist struggle to receive the care they need to stay healthy.

Ginger found her home at Cary Family Dental in the summer of 2016 after graduating with honors from the Dental Assisting II Program at Alamance Community College. The job seemed beyond perfect with a friendly team and plenty of professional development opportunities. That all came crashing down when she was asked to attend a work conference in Atlanta, and was faced with traveling on a brief, but unavoidable airplane flight.

Ginger’s fear of flying had been present ever since she was a child. However, once it came between getting the training she needed, she knew she had to make the leap forward. She credits the support of her coworkers for the ability to overcome her fear. “I did something I said I would never do in my entire life,” Ginger said. “I never would have had the courage to conquer my fear of flying without the support and encouragement from my fellow team members.”

At Cary Family Dental, we strive to offer that same support and encouragement to our patients that struggle with their own fears and anxieties. Unpleasant childhood memories, insecurities about dental hygiene, or worry about painful procedures can all be reasons to avoid the dentist. Our team of compassionate Patient Care Coordinators, like Ginger, and our expert dental practitioners understand these concerns and make every effort to create a comfortable and relaxing experience for our patients.

We provide nitrous oxide and conscious sedation that are safe and common procedures that help thousands of patients overcome dental anxieties every year. By creating that confidence and comfort level during the visit, these patients enjoy the benefits of better overall health and prevent serious dental health problems in the future. It is patients like these that Ginger finds that her story to resonates with the most. She wants patients to know that while legitimate anxieties can prevent you from taking important actions, they don’t need to. Overcoming these obstacles can prove to be more rewarding than expected. She described her recent battle as “one of the most exhilarating experiences of [her] life!”

Now no longer afraid of flying, Ginger finds these trainings to be one of her favorite things about working at Cary Family Dental. “Dr. Acton goes above and beyond to provide continuing education, tools, and events that allow us to improve so we can continue to provide a five star experience that our patients deserve.” She loves coming to work every day knowing that she is a part of helping people find and maintain their perfect smile.

In the year ahead, Ginger will continue to ensure smooth operations and provide customer care to our patients, winning the hearts of both the coworkers and patients with whom she works. She hopes to find new ways to serve and inspire patients, especially those who may need the courage to do something great!
“I hope to continue to grow at CFD and I am excited about all the wonderful things that my future here has in store.”

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