How Does Invisalign® Work?

Teeth Straightening With Clear Braces With A Cary Dentist

Clear braces help to assist in teeth straightening for patients throughout Apex, Morrisville, and Cary.Have you ever wanted a more beautiful smile but were reluctant to get traditional metal braces? You may have heard the horror stories your friends tell about braces: that they hurt, that they seem to take a long time to work and you can see for yourself that they aren’t very attractive. So you’ve wondered if you should really take the leap and get braces for teeth straightening. Invisalign clear braces are a remarkable teeth straightening system and give you a dazzling smile more easily than the traditional metal braces system can.

How Does the Invisalign Treatment Work to Straighten Teeth?

Teeth straightening requires slow, consistent pressure which is exactly how Invisalign works. The Invisalign treatment is a series of clear aligner trays that you place over your teeth and keep them there all the time, except when you are eating, drinking or brushing and flossing. To work, the Invisalign treatment clear braces must be worn pretty much all the time. Every two weeks, you swap out the old clear braces aligner trays for new ones. Within a shorter period of teeth straightening time compared to traditional metal braces, the Invisalign treatment works marvelously and we offer it at our Cary dental office near Morrisville and Apex, NC.

There are some advantages to the Invisalign treatment, including:

  • Does Invisalign work in Cary, NC?Teeth straightening with the Invisalign treatment hurts far less because they have no metal brackets or wires.
  • Because the Invisalign teeth straightening treatment uses clear braces (aligners), they are almost invisible to those around you. A huge difference and improvement over traditional metal braces.
  • Keeping your teeth clean during the Invisalign treatment procedure is much easier. You simply remove the trays, brush and floss, and slip the clear braces trays back on.
  • When you come to our office to get your clear braces aligner trays, we will give you several sets at the same time. This means we save you time because you won’t need to come in as often.

If you have more questions about how the Invisalign treatment works, call or schedule an appointment today at our Cary practice! Dr. Acton is happy to partner with you to give you the smile of your dreams if you are in the area, including Morrisville and Apex, NC!