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Dental Health in Cary: Energy Drink Warning For Cary

By September 28, 2018No Comments

dental health in cary Today’s topic is about energy drinks and the damage they can cause to your teeth. We are seeing more and more teens and adults with tooth enamel erosion caused by frequent consumption of sports drinks. Most of these people take good care of their teeth and come into Cary Family Dental for a twice-yearly exam and deep cleaning. But guess what? If you drink energy drinks regularly, even if you practice oral hygiene, your enamel can break down and affect your dental health in Cary.

How Are Energy Drinks Harmful?

Beverages like Red Bull, Rock Star, and Monster are a cocktail of powerful acids and other enamel-eroding chemicals. Most of them contain citric acid, fruit juices, loads of sugar, and a potent chemical that gives them their bright fluorescent color. We are concerned that teenagers do not understand the considerable risks to dental health in Cary.

Other Dangers to Dental Health in Cary

We should also mention the fact that soda and fruit juices also contain large amounts of acids that can erode teeth. If you sip soda, tea, or coffee all day, we suggest you switch to water to halt any enamel erosion that has already developed. It may be a hard change to make – but if you are successful – your teeth will thank you for it.

Schedule an Appointment for Advanced Dentistry

If your teeth have enamel erosion, whatever the cause, we can restore your smile with advanced restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Crowns, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and teeth whitening can correct both structural and cosmetic issues. Our phone number is 919-371-4428. If you are interested in re-designing your smile, come into Cary Family Dental for an exam and consultation. With cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry, we can repair acid-damaged teeth and dramatically increase your face value.

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