When Was Your Last Dental Cleaning?

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You water the garden three times a week, you change your car’s oil every three months, and you replace the batteries in your smoke detectors once a year. Your teeth need to see your dentist on a regular schedule, too. While daily oral hygiene habits are essential to good oral health, professional dental cleanings at […]

Patient question: "How do I prevent gum disease?"

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Great question. It’s usually easy to tell when you have a cavity, but unfortunately, gum disease can exist in your mouth without you even knowing. In fact, you can have the beginning stages of gum disease without even noticing any pain or discomfort. Since gum disease can be undetectable, it’s imperative to watch for warning […]

February is also Heart Month!

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You may remember our post from last week, when we discussed February being National Dental Health Month and the benefits of visiting our office every six months (or as recommended). But did you know February also marks American Heart Month? It’s a great time to take notice of the health of your heart as cardiovascular […]

From Cary Family Dental: Can You Spot The Difference

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Originally posted by The Sherwood Group: Colgate has created an ingenious advertising campaign to promote their dental floss, but before I explain to you the main detail of these images, take a moment to look at them   Alright, now that you had time to observe the images, in the first one you will now notice […]

Eating Healthy For You and Your Oral Health

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Health gurus rave about replacing unhealthy food choices with healthy ones in your diet. If you want to maintain your beautiful smile as well as your waistline, choose foods that are good for your teeth and good for losing weight. This article will discuss some of the worst healthy foods for your teeth and what […]

Fan fact time! Human and animal teeth

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Looking for ways to motivate your child to brush his or her teeth? Why not compare their teeth to those of their favorite animals? After all, everyone loves fun facts. Like people, some animals have several different kinds of teeth, while others have only one kind. Others don’t have any teeth at all! Animals’ teeth […]

Don’t throw those insurance benefits away!

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We would like to give those patients with flex spend, health savings, or insurance benefits a friendly end of the year reminder that it’s about that time to schedule your last dental visit of 2012 so you can optimize your benefits! Now is the time to reserve you appointment with us. Space is limited and […]