A Long Distance Relationship


Cary, NC — If you’ve been in a long distance relationship, it’s probably because your significant other was worth the miles between you. That’s how Sue felt about Cary Family Dental.

One Incredible Story


Cary, NC — One of our most incredible stories is the story of Jim – an 82-year-old man who came to us searching for options to replace his missing teeth.

Changing for the Better


Cary, NC — When Linda’s dentist of 30 years retired, her daughter-in-law steered her in our direction. It ended up being a change for the better!

3D at the Dentist: How It Works


Cary, NC — Mike has been coming to Cary Family Dental for a long time. Last year, we took out his fractured tooth and replaced it with an implant using 3D technology.

The Man Who Learned to Smile

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Cary, NC – After a bicycle accident left his front teeth damaged, Danny was embarrassed to open his mouth. In time, he even forgot how to smile. Now, after some special help from Cary Family Dental, Danny is learning to smile again.

Cary Smile Makeovers at Cary Family Dental

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Cary Smile Makeovers at Cary Family Dental

I enjoy consulting with my Apex, NC, Morrisville, and Holly Springs cosmetic dentistry patients to create personalized North Carolina smile makeover treatment plans. At Cary Family Dental, the treatment plan may include tooth bonding, porcelain veneers, or dental implants. For Cary dental patients with old or damaged crowns, we can provide beautiful new crowns. Tooth-colored dental fillings are popular for our North Carolina cosmetic dentistry patients who are happy to be free of unsightly old silver fillings. It is important to be examined by your Cary dentist regularly to check your previous dental work, including fillings, tooth bonding, veneers, crowns and bridges.