The 411 on TMJ

TMJ dentist Cary

Do you have unexplained pain or clicking sounds in your jaw? They can be signs of serious oral issues. Some problems with the jaw and the muscles that control it are known as temporomandibular disorders (TMD). But it’s also commonly called TMJ because that’s the acronym for the name of the joint. Technically, that’s not correct. […]

Keep Your Teeth Safe

Keep Your Teeth Safe, Cary

There are more ways to exercise than ever before. In Cary, we have personal trainers, all-purpose gyms, specialty facilities, and recreational sports. At Cary Family Dental, we want to remind our patients that many activities pose a risk to teeth. Mouthguards are not just for rugby and football players. Actually, mouthguards can and should be […]

Is Malocclusion Causing Your Headache?

Cary Headache Relief

Do you suffer from persistent headaches? Have you tried medications, diet adjustments, and chiropractic treatment? Perhaps the cause is not stress-induced tension, food allergies, spine alignment, or eyestrain. Maybe the culprit is right under your nose. Bite misalignment or malocclusion is a fairly common condition yet commonly goes undetected. Nature intended the front teeth to […]