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3 Things Keeping You from the Smile You Want

By January 3, 2017No Comments

The Decision

Like losing weight or eating better, taking a step toward improving your smile takes a conscious decision to do so. Often people don’t like their smile, but they have a hard time determining what it is they don’t like—and that keeps them from moving forward. Try asking yourself what it is you do like about your teeth and what you would change if you could. Keep a list of these things as they come to mind. Look for photos of people who you think have a great smile. Why is that? These questions will help you narrow down what you want to change and will motivate you to take action.

The Money

Many people avoid cosmetic dental treatments because they fear it will be too expensive. In reality, the myth that all treatments are costly keeps people from even having the conversation with their dentist. When people do come in, they almost always find a solution to their problem that is both effective and affordable. Your dentist will work with you to find a treatment plan that meets your goals and matches your budget.

The Time

Even patients who value their oral health, often don’t give time to consider their smile. Patients may fit in a cleaning between work and their kid’s soccer practice, but they hardly take time for themselves. Finding time to devote to your personal goals will help you restore your self-confidence and leave you happier than ever. By making an appointment to discuss your interest with your dentist you’ll be well on the way to achieving the look you want.

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