7 Surprising Causes Of Bad Breath

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Men and women who have chronic bad breath understand the embarrassment and frustration associated with this condition. There are several possible causes, some that are often overlooked: Poor oral hygiene Digestive problems Systemic infection Bacteria on dentures Gum disease Food particles on tonsils Dry mouth At Cary Family Dental, we can help you with this […]

Do Veneers Make Teeth Look Bigger?

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A well-designed veneer does not make your tooth look larger – unless you want it to. A veneer can correct many cosmetic dental problems and is a minimally invasive restoration. During the placement of some porcelain veneers, an extremely thin layer of enamel is removed from the tooth. If you have teeth with damage, discoloration, […]

The Most Important Procedure For Smile Makeover Patients

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If you want to brighten your smile with cosmetic dentistry, I invite you to visit Cary Family Dental for an exam and consultation. I believe that the initial consultation is the most crucial component of a smile makeover. During your no-pressure smile makeover consultation we will explore the following issues: Your vision and expectations of […]