Persistent Dry Mouth?

The Cary Family Dental Guide To Dry Mouth

Many residents in our Cary community experience dry mouth occasionally. Some develop dry mouth in social situations or when they are under a lot of stress. Sporadic or infrequent dry mouth is usually not a serious issue. Constant dry mouth, or xerostomia, is not only irritating, it can lead to severe health problems. Cary people […]

Are Dental Implants Worth It For Cary?

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Are Cary Dental Implants Worth It?

Are dental implants worth the investment? Absolutely! A dental implant is a permanent tooth replacement that looks, feels and works like a natural tooth. The actual dental implant material is usually titanium. A post is surgically inserted into the jaw bone to replace the root of the missing tooth. The post integrates with the bone […]

Solving Dental Dilemmas At Cary Family Dental

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Cosmetic Dental Solutions in Cary

Cary cosmetic dentists use dental crowns to solve a number of dental dilemmas. A dental crown is a strong, natural-looking permanent tooth restoration that covers the top of the damaged tooth. Raleigh family dentists recommend crowns to remedy the following problems: A broken tooth with decay An ill-fitting existing crown A decayed tooth that has […]