Cary Family Dental wishes Crystal a speedy recovery

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I am happy to report that our hygienist Crystal is recovering nicely following her recent hand surgery. Crystal fell during the snow a few weeks ago and continued to work despite an undiagnosed fractured bone in her hand. When she finally had it checked out they told her she had broken it in 3 places […]

Dr. Acton views the famous dentures of George Washington

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This weekend, Dr. Allan Acton visited the NC Museum of History to view the travelling exhibit on George Washington. The actual dentures of Washington were at the exhibition, along with a display on how they were made. The teeth in his dentures were a combination of human and cow teeth (they weren’t made of wood, […]

Gummy Tummy, from Cary Family Dental

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At Cary Family Dental we know the rumors going around—mostly among young people—that once you swallow a piece of chewing gum it will stake a claim and take up residency in your stomach for at least seven years! We really hate to take all the fun out of the mystery, but the truth is that […]