This Year, Make a New Year’s Resolution to Smile About!

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Let’s face it- when was the last time you managed to keep a New Year’s resolution? We at Cary Family Dental believe the key to sticking to a goal is picking one that is both reasonable and attainable. If you haven’t yet picked a New Year’s resolution, consider setting one that will improve your oral […]

Beware of those holiday goodies!

Maintaining a healthy diet over the holiday season can prove a difficult task. After all, who can resist the tasty treats of winter baking? With grandma and everybody else offering you candy, chocolate logs or homemade fudge, you just can’t say “I’ll pass” each time. But trouble lurks: every time you chow down on that […]

Why do you choose Dr. Acton, Dr. Gaught and team?

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From the moment you walk in the door of Cary Family Dental our doctors and team strive to we provide you with the preventative and restorative care you need without having to take off work or school. Our team is committed to making sure your dental experience is affordable, comfortable and personalized. Have you had […]

What’s so bad about nail biting?

We’ve all heard that biting your nails is an awful habit, but you many wonder- really- what’s so bad about it? Recently, our team at Cary Family Dental found an interesting article that discusses how biting your nails affect your teeth and oral health. Nail biting, also known as Onychophagia, is a common habit among […]