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An Odd Request

Cary, NC — You might not believe it, but, at one time, a new patient came to our office asking to have “all of his teeth removed.” Keep reading for a remarkable story. (more…)

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A Smoker’s Concern

Cary, NC — Collin was concerned about the health and appearance of his teeth after he quit smoking — but, with our help, his worries soon vanished. (more…)

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“My Crowns Don’t Match My Personality”


Cary, NC — Deborah came to Cary Family Dental in search of her old smile – another dentist had placed crowns on her front teeth years ago that weren’t quite right. (more…)

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A Goal in Mind

beach house

Cary, NC — Sometimes, patients come to Cary Family Dental with questions and concerns – but not Paul. This man had a goal in mind and a plan in place from the second he walked in the front door. (more…)

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Helping Brenda: One of Our Favorite Stories


Cary, NC — This is one of our favorite stories, and when you watch the patient’s video testimonial, you will see why.

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A Bright Smile for a Confidence Boost

confidence boost

Cary, NC — In the past several months, we’ve written a lot about the adults we’ve helped. So here’s a new story for you – the story of Justin, a teenager who needed a confidence boost.  (more…)

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Preparing for a Wedding


Cary, NC — Two years ago, we met Rick. At the time, he was a soon-to-be newlywed, and he wanted a brand new smile. (more…)

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A Stain-Free Smile

Cary, NC — Brianna wanted a stain-free smile, and we were there to help. (more…)

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Renewing a Smile


Cary, NC — For a woman without front teeth, the process to repair her smile can be a long one. We were there to help Krystal every step of the way.  (more…)

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Extreme Makeover, Tooth Addition


Cary, NC — We first met Julie in 2013, when she arrived at Cary Family Dental unhappy with her smile.  (more…)

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